365 for 2020

Me in Vegas at 16

September 23rd is my birthday, and this year, I’m beginning a new 365 challenge.

The last challenge was in 2016, when I spent one full year at Disney World. That year changed my life, and this challenge stands to do the same.

This challenge was hard to commit to because it requires me to sacrifice all vanity and be more focused, consistent, and vulnerable than I have ever been.

Quite frankly, I’m not sure I’m capable of it.

I am, in all honesty, in the worst physical shape of my life… not that my physical condition was ever all that great to begin with! Let’s be honest, I’m an overweight, middle-aged woman whose only real activity was swimming and walking around Disney so…

Yeah that hasn’t left me in a great place. I’ve gained 20 pounds and I get out of breath ascending the stairs or walking half a block.

It’s bad, and again, let’s just be very honest, I can’t live like this.

I’m not meant to just curl up in a chair in front of the TV until death.

It’s not me.

I’m a Sag rising, I need my adventure! I need international travel. I need romance and excitement.

Magic Kingdom Sept 22, 2017 – last day of the 365

Disney Springs 2017

And honest to God, I have had the BEST life these past few years. I have the best friends and we’ve made the best memories. But recently, Amy and I got SeaWorld passes, and I’m so out of shape, I can’t even make it all the way to the bus stop without being in pain and exhausted. That’s bad.

Right now, my body is denying me any real opportunity, at my dreams, or even the life I had, and I just need to face that and deal with it. That’s my truth of the moment.

And that is what I’m going to change over this next year.

And by sharing it with you…

  • it gives me accountability
  • we’re going to laugh a LOT and we all need that.
  • Plus, it may help someone else who needs to shift back into life, to realize that it’s possible.

I know for the last few months, I’ve been worrying whether or not I’d ever really have a life again.

But that’s the thing, we can’t ever give up.

And I nearly did.

That’s where the challenge was born. But to be a real challenge, or adventure, it has to have more components, and it needs a payoff.

So what does this all look like from here?

This year, Sept 23, 2020 – Sept 22, 2021, I’m dedicating myself to me.

Hollywood Studios 2017

Disney’s Polynesian Resort 2018

I’m dedicating this year to focus on my physical being, my fitness level, my skin care, and girly things like my hair, clothes, perfume, and make-up. All the things that make me feel happy and pretty.

Because for fuck’s sake, I’m worth it!

And it’s taken WAY too long to realize that.

As always, I’ll be honest with you, I have no money to do this with. But poverty is the darkness trying to cut you off from your worth, your destiny, and your dreams, and I’m not one for letting the dark win. So I’ll figure this out. I’ll find a way.

I’m giving myself a legitimate chance to see who I can be, how strong I can become physically, and what I can put into this world. I have a vision of my life, and I’m going to spend this year preparing to step into it.

Dedicating the year to myself is not to say this is going to be a self-absorbed, superficial journey. I’m not about to become a Kim Kardashian wannabe!

If you know me at all, you know I don’t do self-absorbed and superficial. This journey is about all of us. It’s about truth, self-worth, self-empowerment, and self-love.

And of course, I’m taking you with me because, honestly, something tells me you need to do the same!

The world has legitimately changed, and will continue to change for the next few years, so this is the perfect opportunity to bring our focus in to ourselves. This pause that we’re in, it can be stressful if we let it, but if we have faith, and we stay aligned, then this time can be when we get strong, and get ready for this new world being created.

I’m starting from scratch here. The last two years have been such a stripping away that I currently have no stamina, no income, my looks, my clothes, my hair… have all gone feral. I’m a wild beast over here!

The upside is that I can only go up from here, I guess.

I’ve had the most blessed life, and to be truthful, I am happy, but I want more. I can’t settle where I am. So let’s do this thing!

The Goal: To become the strongest, healthiest, most nourished version of myself possible.

Hollywood Studios 2018

Disney Springs 2018

The Journey: To weave into my life…

  • workouts
  • physical activity
  • nourishing foods (leaning towards vegetarianism)
  • take care of my skin, hair and soul.
  • To remember to dress like a human being and not a troll… even if no one is going to see me!
  • To vlog or livestream… *gulp* every day.
  • To maintain the SAfire Collective site and studios
  • To write new fiction every month

The overall goal is to weave all this into a life, something organic and powerful. I think that’s where blogging and vlogging are an asset to my storyteller mind. It helps me organize my life like a story and that’s usually beneficial.

The highlights:

  • “Daily” connect streams on the Sam’s 365 FB page.
  • “Daily” blessings and blogs
  • New Fiction
  • Several vlogs each week
  • SeaWorld
  • Disney Springs
  • Disney Resorts
  • Maybe Universal
  • Fitness Vlog
  • Holiday Celebrations with live streams and cooking videos
  • Cooking Videos
  • Disney Staycation for my 9th Floridaversary March 21, 2021
  • Disney World Staycation to end the year. Sep 20 -27, 2021

Obviously we’ll add things as the world shifts, as my ability to move shifts, and as we grow as a family.

I can get excited about that.

Animal Kingdom 2016

Disney Springs 2018

I’m going to make this year as fun as I can, because on many levels, it’s going to be freaky hard, scary, and intense, and we’ve GOT to laugh!

But it’s going to have to start small and grow. So for now, all I’m committing to is the blog here on the site, YouTube, the Instagram, and the SAfire site. I’m going to pull it all together on Buy Me A Coffee, so if we’re FB friends, send me a message and I’ll get you signed in for free. I’m committing to my workouts and walks and to getting myself to SeaWorld… that’s the first celebration. We’ll grow from there.

This year, Sept 23, 2020 – Sept 22, 2021, I’m dedicating myself to me, and we’re going to make it an adventure!