Blessed New Day

Beautiful morning to you!

I haven’t written a morning blessing since September started. I’ve been very busy working on some personal life shifts, but it’s so good to be here again, writing this, sending you my love and my energy, hoping that you have the most beautiful day.

I found this photo of Paris on IG this morning and it spoke to me of the fog we live in in our life, but also, of the beauty that exists just beyond the mist, if we’re brave enough to go into it and discover everything we can’t see clearly.

Life is such a tricky endeavor, but much of the time, our only real battle is with the boredom within that we let consume us, pulling us into the “It’s good enough” mentality.

I hope today you break out of that glass box and find true beauty in your world. So much love and many blessings ~ Samantha