Blessed New Day

Blausee Lake, Switzerland -Photo credit @cbezerraphotos

Another new day to create, dream, inspire, believe.

We are mid-week now, and I hope it’s been going well for you. I think many of us are in the midst of major shifts in our lives. Even nature is about to shift seasons, to fall here in the northern hemisphere.

I know in my life personally, taking on this site and all that it means is a huge life shift for me, with huge amounts of commitment. So I find myself, this week, moving very slowly, laying down each step very mindfully so that what I create here lasts.

We’re in such strange times with this 2020 shift upon us, it’s hard to tell sometimes what’s real and what’s not. We get inundated with imagery and stories that filter in through news and social media, but I’m not sure any of us know what’s true or what’s really happening.

I would encourage you throughout this shift to go within for your answers. Your soul knows what’s happening now and what role you are to play.

I would warn you to be very careful about what you give your energy and your time to. Not every battle is your battle, and it is right to let the ones that are not yours, no matter how strongly you may feel about them, pass by without your input or help.

That’s easier for some of us than for others, but for the duration of this shift, it’s essential you put your mind, energy, and time behind only what’s yours to do. Resist social or family pressure to care about, intervene, or participate in things that aren’t yours.

Your time and your energy are finite, and this shift needs you at your station, not at someone else’s.

I hope you are seeing light and beauty in each new day. Learn to lay it all down at the end of the day, and stay your course to your dreams above all else.

Sending you much love and many blessings – Samantha