Blessed New Day

Memories of yesterday. *happy sigh*

I actually never saw this particular Disneyland. It was a bit before my time, but what it represents to me is the Disneyland I grew up with, the magic of it that still resides inside me to this day.

Though I’m not a fan of the current Disney Company, or the way they run the theme parks today, I will always cherish my Disney memories and the gifts my time in that park gave me.

Most notably, permission to dream.

I was a dreamer raised with a patriarch who believed in keeping your feet solidly on the ground. Dreaming was not something worthy of your time, and in his truth, would ruin your entire life!

But something in the energy of Disneyland taught me to dream anyway, and more than that, to hold on to those dreams util you saw them become reality.

I’ve lived that way all my life, and yes, it’s brought heartache at times. But it’s brought me more joy than I could ever express. I have the best memories of a life well-lived, but only when I dared to follow my dreams.

I hope today you take some time to visit with your dreams, and maybe even take a step towards them.

So much love to you – Samantha