Send love

And we wait, as a people divided, yet simultaneously united in our concerns and uncertainty for where the road ahead will take us.

As your mind ponders the possibilities and creates your two pictures of the unknown – the picture of what you want to see, and the picture of what you fear – I ask you to consider creating a third picture… a picture of love.

I know what I’m asking isn’t easy, but I ask you to try pushing back against the fearful, frustrated, and even angry thoughts and energies that have been whirling around all of us, and make a conscious choice and effort to imagine the political situations and actions that have caused and are causing you the most upset, and then imagine actually sending love to the people and persons involved, sending love to those you consider to be on the opposite side.

Yes, send LOVE.

This love I’m asking you to consciously send is not acceptance of situations or condonation of actions, it’s recognizing that the soul within each of us is worthy of love, no matter what.

Making the choice to send love, even through your fear, isn’t going to feel natural, and it certainly isn’t going to be easy, but starting the habit is surprisingly simple.

Every time you see a post, a headline, a comment that riles you up, pause… Take a breath… And deliberately choose the words “You are loved” before continuing. It’s actually that simple.

Again, not easy. But simple.

If you’re not sure you have it within you to start sending love to the “opposition” right off the bat, you can actually start the habit by directing the “You are loved” statement to yourself instead. It’s a place to start. It gives you that important breath and pause before your reaction and emotion gets away from you, and we’re ALL better when there’s more love in the air.

Dig deep and dig life!

~ Amy