fill with divine light

We are light. Everything about us is supported by light. Whether we’re speaking of the carbon atoms born of starlight that make up our physical bodies, or we’re speaking more esoterically of the higher dimensional light that supports our energy bodies and connects us to the higher realms, the bottom line is WE ARE LIGHT.

But much about our lives here on this planet blocks and limits our access to that light. So one of the first steps in supporting our own awakening and ascension process, is to increase our capacity to hold that light, to prepare ourselves to embody and connect to more and more of that light every single day.

I’d like to share a practice with you that will help you do exactly that. You can actually do this exercise anytime, but I personally found it helpful to make it the first thing I do before I’ve even opened my eyes to the day.

Right after you recognize wakefulness and have said your thank you for another day, take a few moments to breathe, and fill your entire being with Divine light, including the layers of energy the surround and support you. Light is everywhere, all around you.

It IS you.

If you like to specify a source of the light, you can imagine this light to be the light of the Universe, the sun, to be God’s light, starlight, Source light, or maybe Divine light from the core of Mother Gaia, and you can also include the Divine light that you can always access through your own heart. Just let it stream in from around you and within you. Again, it IS you.

With each breath, take in more and more of this light, envisioning it filling every part of you, your bones, your blood, your organs, every cell, and then see it illuminating an aura several inches (or even feet!) around you as it fills the energetic layers that surround and support you – the emotional body, mental body, and etheric or spiritual body, all together commonly referred to as your energy body or aura.

As you breathe out, you’re going to release unneeded energies, those energies that no longer support you, energies that are stuck and stagnant and only serve now to block you from your highest light. These energies are often stagnant emotions of your own or intense emotions of others that are being held in your emotional body and sometimes even within your physical body. These unneeded energies ready for release can also be thoughts, judgments, and limiting beliefs of your own and of others that need to be released from your mental body. If you’re like me and can’t consciously feel the release of these types of energy, then simply set the intention to release them, and just know that it’s happening because you intended it. I personally have chosen the physical cue of deeply relaxing my muscles on the outbreath as my way of “feeling” the release of stuck energies, and that might be helpful for you, as well.

That’s it. That’s pretty easy, isn’t it? Continue that cycle of breathing in and filling with light with the inbreath, and then releasing old energies with the outbreath, repeating it for as long as you wish.

Ideally, it’s a great practice to do for at least a few minutes every morning. But if you can only do this for 30 seconds before the demands of the world push in, then gratefully embrace that 30 seconds for yourself. And remember that you can actually do this exercise practically anytime and anywhere (though not while driving, operating heavy machinery, skydiving, or lion-taming, please). So you can make this a continual process by grabbing another 30 seconds while you’re brushing your teeth, another minute while you’re standing in line at the grocery, 30 seconds while you wait for an elevator, and maybe a minute or two while you pump gas.

And you can LOVE yourself for taking all these little moments to take a big step into your highest light.