Happy Thanksgiving

I was laying in bed this morning, listening to the ferry at Walt Disney World transport people to and from the Magic Kingdom, and I just thought how beautiful life can be.

It’s Thanksgiving, the first in the past three years that I’ve spent in the country, actually, and while I do miss Paris, this moment of stillness on this day, is also such a beautiful thing.

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday in the world. I know it’s come under a lot of fire lately, but for me, this day always represented people with different ideas, beliefs, who had conflict between them, and for one day they put it all aside and were just in the same space together. Yes, that’s oversimplifying, but that IS something worth remembering and celebrating. It’s something we need this year more than ever.

I know that right now, life looks and feels like a really bad tarot hand. It’s the tower card, the death card, and judgement all together. Still, at the same time, we can see that God is so immeasurably good and we are blessed to the depths of our souls. We cannot forget that.

Yes, the world is in this shift and it’s hard and it’s scary, but I also know the astrology, and in the last 7 weeks, we’ve all been gifted the buried treasure here to change the game in our lives. We’ve been shown the truth of what this shift is for us on personal levels. It’s a new understanding or a greater perception of the life you’re supposed to be living and how to get there. I’m not sure there is a greater gift than that.

I know for me, it was this deeper understanding of my North Node that entirely changed my world. I’m grateful and moving in a strong direction in my life, done circling and resetting, and I’m ecstatic about that.

The astrology says this revelation is there for us all. Whether or not we see it is dependent upon if we’ve awakened to spirit, to our own truth and are in tune with the universe, or not.

I’ve been saying for a decade now that knowing your own truth, and aligning with that which you know as God, is the most important thing in the world. It IS the key that gets us all through this shift. And right now, those of us who have been faithfully working our awakening, we’re having our Dorothy moment where this treasure was unearthed, and we realize that it was under us the whole time.

For me, this new understanding of who I am and what I’m here for, this deeper shift into my own destiny has empowered me. I’m writing again, I’m doing my workouts and changed the way I eat entirely, I’m creating a place to do mini-astrology readings so others can find these pieces of treasure, as well. And I’m just so incredibly grateful that this universe, a place that can seem so chaotic and cruel sometimes, truly is based in love, harmony, and beauty.

I look at my entire life all the time and there is such a sharp contrast between before and after the moment I surrendered to my connection to God over church.

Church gave me faith, hope, and love, but God gave me life.

When I look back, I see how church kept me small, too. I lived inside a box of what I was told and I lived in the chaos of the choices I made from a position of trying to be “good”, of trying to please and care for those around me, despite what I needed.

My life was always destined to be bigger than that. Having found truth, and growing each day in the understanding of the universe, my life has become something I wake up each and every day grateful for.

We didn’t come down here to go through hell. And right now, I think even the spiritual community has it wrong, because we aren’t waiting for this shift into 5D, Heaven is already here. We just have to be willing to see it. The shift lies within each one of us. We are grains of sand on the beach, each making choices for ourselves, but at the same time, coalescing and becoming a greater force for good in the universe, and that has gargantuan ripples that affect everything.

Our blocks and twisted identity based on how things should look is what keeps us from it. It is on all of us to each find our truth and follow the dreams of our heart – which I’ve said all along are the treasure maps of our soul.

It’s not going to look the same for you as it does for me, but it is going to lead you home and that’s where we all really long to be.

I’m so excited about what’s ahead. Yes, as a planet, there are dark times coming, but there are also times of incredible beauty and love right now. We just have to open ourselves up to that reality and you’ll see it everywhere.

Even in a ferry whistle.


Romantic and magical, Samantha lives with deep faith in the shadow of Magic Kingdom and believes destiny can never be outrun. πŸ’œβ™ΎπŸ•‰ -11 11- πŸ•‰β™ΎπŸ’œ

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