Lemon Chicken Stuffed Shells

Comfort food alert!

Today’s recipe is from Salt & Lavender and it’s cheeeeeeesy!

I know a lot of “spiritual” people embrace being vegan, but my guides have always expressed that dairy and beef were really good for me. I ground with beef, and the dairy keeps my cravings in check… particularly cheese!

Yes, I’m on a journey to fitness, but I think we women have been lied to from the beginning of time, told that we can’t control ourselves when it comes to food and we’ll get fat and ugly.

I hate that so much for all of us!

So, yes, I’m on a journey to fitness, but I’ve had to fight hard to love food and not fear it. I won that battle and I’m proud of myself for that!

I eat with such joy and gratitude these days, and that energy has changed my life, and has opened the door for the first time ever, to really lose weight and get fit. That’s exciting to me.

So shut the fuck up naysayers! Let’s eat the mac and cheese if we want it. Just make sure if you do, you enjoy the hell out of it!

This lemon chicken stuffed shells recipe is easy, cheesy, and delicious. Three different kinds of cheeses and flavorful lemon chicken are baked to melty perfection. Click below for the full recipe. mwah!