move forward by letting go

In addition to the intense energetic waves currently buffeting us that promote the purging of what we no longer need (be that stagnant emotions, old wounds, limiting mindsets, limiting or unhealthy relationships, behaviors and habits that hold us back and sabotage our efforts, or even consuming certain foods that compromise our physical and energetic bodies), the numerology of today’s 10/10 date also opens up an energetic opportunity (often referred to as a portal) of reset, rebirth, and new beginnings.

Of course, any new beginning is also the end of something, so I encourage you to take a hard look at what you’ve been unwilling to release, and use these energies at play right now to help you release and end those things that no longer serve you in your path forward. It’s time… it’s actually past time, and somewhere in you your soul has been telling you what needs to go for quite a while. But these choices can be hard, very hard. So know that you can use these current energies to assist you in making the tough choices, and bringing in the courage that you sometimes forget is innately yours.

Everyone is affected by this energy whether they’re aware of it or not, but you have the opportunity to very intentionally use it instead of just being thrown about by it. You can make intentional choices and take inspired actions, rather than succumbing to the explosive and impulsive actions of change or dissatisfaction you may be seeing play out among the unaware … or feeling within yourself. The unaware may also be experiencing this energy as an overall feeling of having “missed out” because of having missed the opportunity their soul knew was there for change, and you may be seeing that manifest as ennui and even depression.

So take the time to ask what changes need to be made. Quiet your mind and connect with yourself, with the higher you that guides you. Still your mind and maybe take the added step of soaking up some sunlight while you connect with your team of guides. You likely already have an idea what areas of your life need releasing, retooling, and rethinking. So ask yourself and your guides to help you see or feel clearly where to start. Ask them to support you with comfort and courage when those choices are difficult. And ask them to help you get out of your own way.

While you’re asking what needs to be released and what chapters need to be closed, the other side of that coin is asking what your new beginning looks like after a reset. What “new” will your life have room for now that you’ve completed chapters and cleared away what is no longer needed! What are the opportunities offered to you once you’re not ladened with the old? Take the time to imagine that. Not only is that the lighter and more positive-feeling side of this process, but getting a clearer vision of the possibilities before you, can help you more clearly see what must remain behind you.

And remember, too, that in the closing of chapters in your life, it’s your chance to appreciate all that you accomplished and overcame to come to an ending point in that chapter. It’s a time to honor your hard work and to be grateful for the most difficult lessons learned. It’s a time to understand that some of your growth came with a price, and that it’s okay to both feel and release the grief over what may have been lost in the process.

We all have much work to do in our awakening process, so being able to use these energies to facilitate our growth is of great importance. This portal is particularly powerful today, but does extend into next week, and even until the next portal on 11/11. And of course, if you’re reading this after these dates have passed, you are likely still supposed to take the inspired actions suggested here, since there are no coincidences and you’re surely seeing this now because your own energetic opportunity or portal has opened up for you in this time and space.

Dig deep, and dig life!