My First Time

I was recently gifted the entirety of Sims 4.

I’m an avid Sims fan, have been since 2000 when it first came out. I’ve developed hundreds of stories, lived countless lives and adventures with these little sims, and will probably play this game for the rest of my life.

However, until yesterday, I had never played Sims 4.

I am such a huge fan of 3, I just never wanted to move on. I love the seamless world and the customization so much, that I just couldn’t see myself happy without those things.

But given the generosity of the gift, and because I’m starting a seven month serious weight loss challenge and need something new to medicate with so I can get the weight loss done, I’ve agreed to play Sims 4 for the next seven months.

Yesterday, I got the hang of basic gameplay.

I didn’t even attempt building and will probably discover how to build last because I know how I am when I build. It’s always been my favorite thing and can consume my playing.

So the game itself is not that different from any of the other games. Keep your sims’ needs in the green, socialize, work, and find ways to have fun. Eventually I’ll play a sim who marries and has kids because I want to do a modified legacy challenge to help keep me focused for these next seven months.

Because this was my first time in, I didn’t do too much customization of the sim herself. I took the first sim that popped up and mostly just changed her eye color and clothing.

I had played around a bit last week when I got the game, checking out hair and clothes and body types, but I had to upgrade my laptop with extra ram to play the game, so that’s as far as I’d gotten. Yesterday I was ready to dive in, so I just took what the game pulled up and picked out her traits and aspiration.

Then I moved her to Sulani, an island town.

Towns are now made up of three neighborhood, it looks like. But when people called to invite me to parties and such, I was going to other worlds, which I haven’t figure out how to do on my own yet.

Sulani was fun because of the tropic theme, and my sim got to swim with dolphins! I also just liked the feel of this town, the beach is king here and I love that laid back island vibe a lot.

The neighborhoods are small, definitely not what I’m used to from 3.

One neighborhood seems to hold maybe three community lots, then there’s about two or three houses on each, a park, and that’s it. I’m definitely used to more expansive neighborhoods, and this will take a bit to get used to.

Also, the look of the game itself, it’s got an animated look, more than a realistic look which I felt the Sims 3 had. I hated the look when the game first came out, but I’m choosing not to dwell on it and find uniqueness in the look.

Since so much of a sim’s life is work, I do like the new “work from home” option a LOT. It allowed my sim to complete certain tasks rather than just disappearing from the lot for several hours, which for me, extended gameplay. And as I was only playing one sim, it kept the game active rather than spending “hours” staring at the screen waiting for my sim to come back so I could play something. Plus the tasks were simple to complete and she got promoted frequently.

There were a lot more options with jobs in Sims 4, keeping in mind I have all current expansions including Get To Work, and I liked the variations of part-time work, careers that you played at and traveled with, and then jobs that you could either disappear into or else do the work from home thing.

Obviously I only checked out one option yesterday. My sim was a conservationist, so I don’t have any comparisons to make yet. As a conservationist, her main tasks seemed to be cleaning up the beach, surveying the flora and fauna of the land, and gaining logic skill by researching conservation online.

I was hoping to get her promoted all the way to marine biologist, and she was doing pretty well, but I’m going to try something else today.

I find the Sims 4 WAY more social than 3 was. I like that people drop by your house often and call to ask you out for fun. That’s reminiscent of Sims 2 but was unheard of in 3. NPC interaction is hugely improved on the whole, which gives you a lot more play options. Also skills, they seem to go up a lot quicker than ever before, which gives you more options for advanced play.

I got her a couple of cats, because I have the Cats and Dogs expansion. I learned how to use the “adopt cat” option, which wasn’t as straight forward as it used to be, but I liked the change, I think.

In 4 you get to look at about ten animals up for adoptions (either cats or dogs) and you can choose up to three to be brought to your home. Once they arrive, you have an allotted amount of time to get to know each animal and choose which ones, if any, you want to adopt.

I took both cats that were brought over, just because I couldn’t not. They weren’t too much trouble, although one did like to scratch all the furniture and lay atop the fridge constantly.

Because neither were spayed or neutered, eventually the female cat went into heat. At least I assume that’s what happened because she started yowling a lot and there were red hearts coming off her. I clicked on the cat and the option to mate came up, so I figured, why not?

They ended up having 3 male kittens, all white like the dad. I didn’t play long after that, so I don’t know yet if you give these kittens away or if they stay forever, meaning she has five cats now and I feel totally overwhelmed and probably need to get the self cleaning cat box!

Pets are more like Sims 1 and 2, just sort of there in the background, where as in 3 you could see their moods and traits and even align actions for them. In 4 you don’t seem to easily be able to find out their moods or traits, not that I’ve seen so far.

However, with the Cats and Dogs expansion, there’s now a new Vet option. You can own a vet clinic, which I bet is fun, but in my case yesterday, I ended up having to take one of my cats to the vet because it got bit by a squirrel.

Once I figured out how to actually add a vet office to the town, and then figured out how to sign my cat in for treatment, it was pretty cute and easy. There were also a lot of npc sims and their pets coming and going at the vet’s, so it was a fun place to meet people.

My poor cat, though, ended up having to wear a cone of shame for a few days because I couldn’t afford the expensive treatment that would have cured him right away. lol

I tried to flirt with a married guy with no luck, most likely because he had the “good” trait, which meant I haven’t experienced romantic relationships yet. This guy, though, was the ONLY one who was remotely attractive imho. I found too many npc males to be gay or VERY feminine. On the one hand, I LOVE that they’ve added that variation, but on the other, I likes my men sort of rugged and wish they’d left some available attractive men around for us cisgender types too. But I digress…

Because I was focused more on learning, there weren’t a lot of “funny” moments. The cats were super cute, getting up on the fridge and sleeping on their backs. And speaking of sleep, it did crack me up when my sim got so tired she passed out on a lot, butt up… that’s new.

On the down side, not having seamless neighborhoods is bugging me, but with the new ram, load times are negligible and I’m sure I’ll get used to the way moving from lot to lot ends up.

I’m going to just keep playing a different game each day and see where it takes me. Just to learn.

There are SO many jobs and hobbies and new gameplay, it’s going to take me a while, but at some point I’m guessing I’ll connect with a sim and/or her life enough to want to keep playing it.

This one wasn’t it, but that’s in large part because I was just checking everything out.

I think I’ll make today’s sim a knowledge sim and check out the university situation. I need to find a goal I’m attached to, but that’s just me. I’m goal motivated.

On the whole, I didn’t hate it, which because of how much I love the customization and seamless world of Sims 3, I thought maybe I would.

I didn’t fall in love with it either.

But I’m intrigued and there’s definitely a ton I want to try out and I’m excited about that.


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