Nicholas Ashbaugh October Reading Cancer

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CANCER: Focus on preventative maintenance—this extends to all parts of your life, such as health, finance and home. Remember: there are a lot of moving parts to contend with. This is doubly true with home repairs. Consult with an expert if needed. Redirect your time and energy towards supercharging goals and dreams.

  • Take a very hands-on approach, remembering that your personal enthusiasm will inspire others.
  • Sleep is both restorative and magical. It expands intuitive muscles and clears the cobwebs. Change your focus and see new details.
  • A quiet and rested mind can work smarter and make up for lost time. It will also be more able to pick up on nonverbal cues and signs from Spirit.Taking the road less traveled is exhilarating. It may not be the fastest way, but it could prove more rewarding. Enjoy the process and the journey.
  • Work/life balance is key to health and productivity.
  • Tune into your heart; where does it want you to be?
  • Newer partnership energy approaches, so clean your heart and head space to prepare.
  • Heal older relationship energy—with parents, mentors and those who’ve passed on to Spirit.
  • Your message will be heard; death is a form of transformation, as is love.

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