Nicholas Ashbaugh September Reading Capricorn

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CAPRICORN: The Latin etymology of the word “camera” is chamber or box. Do whatever you can this month to break out of figurative boxes in your life. Tap into the energy of your heart chakra (a different type of chamber) and use it as a camera lens. Allow yourself to develop a new vision or strategy. Create a new process, taking your time in doing so.

  • Take a very hands-on approach, remembering that your personal enthusiasm will inspire others.
  • You’re not stuck; you’re being nudged to try another direction or path.
  • Change your focus and see new details.
  • Embrace different points of view and explore new ideas.
  • Taking the road less traveled is exhilarating. It may not be the fastest way, but it could prove more rewarding. Enjoy the process and the journey.
  • Feed your mind, body and spirit wisely. It’s not just what you eat, but what you hear, see, and feel that counts.
  • Make the first move in love and relationships.
  • Heal old friendships and release contracts, especially if others are unable or unwilling to grow with you.
  • Spread your wings and fly. Embrace the energy of The Fool and The World.

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