Real Talk ~ Real Life

Looking at the astrology and energy of the day and how to best use it in our lives.

September 15th 2020

Welcome to another new day, new blessings, opportunities, and experiences… and today, probably some surprises, too.

Today we have Venus square Uranus, and it’s been a while since these two squared thanks to Venus’ four month retrograde. So this transit has been building for about nine months, meaning there’s a lot built up behind it, making it more intense than usual.

A square in astrology is an aspect that reveals the tension, obstacles and challenges in your life that reflect the planets involved. Since what we have squaring today is Venus and Uranus, then we have our feel good energies, our relationships, our projects, values, and money, represented by Venus, being tested by Uranus’ unpredictability, electricity, shock,and things coming out of nowhere.

What you need to also be looking at is both the signs Leo and Taurus since Venus is currently in Leo and Uranus is in Taurus. These two signs, above all the others, want the best of the best. These are the gold standard on life, so these two planets squaring today are asking you where is your life disconnected from the best of the best?

Obviously what constitutes “best” is different for everyone, but to pull it down to its core, what is out of alignment from your heart?

Today is a day to fix that alignment, because when you pull back a little and look at the bigger picture, we also have the Sun and Moon in Virgo. Virgo is where we edit. So what in your relationships, values, projects, and money, needs tweaked to become the best of the best and the most fully aligned with your heartspace? That is today’s energy.

Keep in mind that today’s dark moon will represent endings, so look at areas and situations in your life that are needing an end put on them. Today is a perfect day for it with this square because Uranus is about connecting and disconnecting, and in Taurus its focus is on value and beauty, and with Venus in Leo, that’s about heart and courage. This moment in time is God telling us that we need to honor our hearts to find true beauty in this life and that he wants that for us greatly!

We don’t want to step into the new moon tomorrow with a life we’re just “dealing with”. This is our moment to move up, step into something better.

And again, by “better”, I simply mean more aligned to your heartspace.

And with Mercury in Libra in a trine to Jupiter in Capricorn, it’s like you want more, but you don’t want to look at the truth of what you need to change to get more. Be careful there.

Especially since, whenever you’re dealing with Uranus, it’s unpredictable energy. It can bring about swift changes you don’t feel prepared for. In this case I’d say loss of jobs and people in your lives because God eventually says, Okay, I’ve given you all the time I can, now I’m stepping in to make this right.

Take it from someone who’s experienced that first hand in the extreme, YOU DO NOT WANT GOD TO STEP IN TO DO WHAT YOU WERE TOO AFRAID TO DO.

I cannot state that enough.

Just remember with Leo and Taurus, the gold standard, exits in this space usually lead to rooms full of gold. We’re just too afraid to leave the room we’re in.

So be prepared for anything today to shock you. Allow it i, and trust that the shock is here to save you, to put you in the best possible alignment for tomorrow’s new moon.

I send you so much love and many blessings and pray you the strength and courage to become everything you are meant to become. – Samantha