Real Talk ~ Real Life

Looking at the astrology and energy of the day and how to best use it in our lives.

September 17th 2020

Blessed new moon day! Don’t forget to set those intentions for the month ahead, because this is a BIG new moon.

This is a crazy day of energy, but it’s mostly good, IF you’re wanting to make changes and step into the dream, the vision, and create a new reality for yourself. There’s a lot of pressure to do just that, so if you’re feeling it, this is the moment to do it.

That new moon is sitting in Virgo today making a trine to Saturn and conjunct the Sun, and they’re both squaring the Nodes while Saturn is still in qunicunx to the Nodes.

This a destiny moment.

I know most of you reading these posts don’t understand the depth of the astrology and words like squares and quincunxes may as well be a foreign language, but don’t miss this point… this is an enormous moment for change. We’re standing on a precipice of a new chapter, a new season, and we’ve been prepared, pushed, and enlightened to know what we need to do at this moment, but the question is still hanging out there, are you going to do it?

Saturn’s been in quincunx with the nodes for months, pushing us to take responsibility in our lives and make the changes we need to make. Now we’re at the end of that energy and you may think, thank god, but you don’t want to waste this energy. Those changes are going to have to be made sooner or later, regardless. So we want to use this energy while we have it.

We also have Mars retrograde in Aries, squaring Saturn. That’s our identity, ego, and desires, pushing against our idea of structure, rules, and commitments.

The new moon is in quincunx to Mars retrograde, as well, telling you to take a moment and see what part you’re currently playing in the world right now, and ask yourself if that’s truly who you are.

Mars in Aries in retrograde is all about the ego, the identity… who are you?

We’re getting a refresh here, a big test of our character, our authenticity. Mars hasn’t gone retrograde in its home sign of Aires since 1988, so for most of us, this is a reset we’ve needed for a long time. Use that energy to stop playing parts that don’t fit your destiny.

We also have Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, currently in Libra, starting to square Jupiter. That’s telling us we need to look more, we need to stop being complacent and look in all the closets. We have to be willing to be all in on our destiny now. And with Mercury beginning to square Pluto, we cannot lie to ourselves any longer.

This new moon is also setting the tone for what’s ahead. Venus in Leo is going to be in a Yod soon and don’t forget, we are in our last few days of Virgo season before the Sun enters Libra next week. So that ‘wrap it up energy’ is strong, and in Virgo it’s wrap it up on operations, preparations, making sure it’s all together, organized, and ready. Next week we go into an intense Libra season where our relationship life is going to heat up and we need to have all our “I”s dotted and “T”s crossed before then.

Today is a day for big choices that will affect our long-term, it’s a day to change the game, take risks, to fill up, because I think so many of us have been running on empty lately. This new moon, with the aspects supporting it, is THE new moon to make changes, so don’t waste that.

You’ve got this and God’s got you! Be brave and make those changes. So much love to you today and always – Samantha.