Horoscopes are the general understanding of the energy as related to a person’s sun and/or rising sign. It is a great way to get your feet wet in the understanding of astrology, but it is the shallowest representation of astrology. Your personal astrology is far more complex than what a horoscope will reveal, but a horoscope can be a great quick check-in with the energy.

Sagittarius Sun and Rising Weekly Horoscope

Sep 14 – 20 2020

Blessed new moon, Sag. This week is an interesting one for you. That new moon is in your career house, so a lot of questions may be coming up about where your career is going, or what you even want to do with your life. It’s time to make decisions about what’s best for you.

The moon is also squaring the nodes, and with the south node in your sign, you need to ask yourself if you’re wasting your time trying to chase your own visions or dreams when there are people out there that can do bigger things together with you than you ever could on your own.

Venus in your 9th house is saying go explore the world and see what relationships are out there. As it squares Uranus on Tuesday in your 6th house, it’s saying that the way you’re living your life right now needs to be expanded. Your relationships, your schedule, your day-to-day, you need to look at different ways to do things, to be.

With Capricorn in your second house, God is saying to you that you’ve sort of become like a hoarder, stuck on certain schedules, routines, even people. Hanging on to all this stuff instead of getting out there and seeing what’s new, what’s beautiful, what’s adventurous!

For you, Sag, adventure is your thing, but I think it’s been hard this year for you to be your normal adventurous self. So in some ways you may be stuck right now and really just need to shake things up, and I think that’s what the astrology of this week is offering you.

Mars retrograde is in your romantic and creative house, telling you that you’ve got to do some rethinking about the choices you’re making about the projects you’re invested in and the relationships you’ve been in, maybe for some time, but that have grown stagnant, or perhaps have fulfilled their purposes and it’s simply time to move on.

Take a step back and see where you’re directing your romantic life and test the value of what you’re invested in. Because honestly, you can probably do way better.

You’ve grown complacent and need to shake it up. You don’t need to live in a cage. Get out there and remember your wings. I know you’ve got what you need to get back out there. You’re a little stuck in a pattern at the moment, but you’ve got this. Get out there and don’t look back.

Much love to you Sag, I pray the new moon brings the rush of fresh energy you need. – Samantha