Horoscopes are the general understanding of the energy as related to a person’s sun and/or rising sign. It is a great way to get your feet wet in the understanding of astrology, but it is the shallowest representation of astrology. Your personal astrology is far more complex than what a horoscope will reveal, but a horoscope can be a great quick check-in with the energy.

Scorpio Sun and Rising Weekly Horoscope Sep 14 – 20 2020

Happy new moon week, Scorpio! We start off in a dark moon and that always goes so well with Scorpio. Don’t forget your new moon intentions this week.

That new moon is in Virgo this week, your 11th house. Also remember that the sun is about to move into Libra next week, starting your 12th house season, and honestly, it’s going to be a pretty intense Libra season. Scorpios are going to be looking at a lot of endings, or spiritual re-alignments, so we need to get started setting up for that. Being entirely honest with you, you’re about to start looking at the most intense spiritual aspects of your life. Start taking inventory of what’s working in your life and what isn’t.

Some things to keep track of this week:

  • That new moon trines Saturn in your 3rd house of communication.
  • Mars is retrograde in your 6th house, meaning you re-think your reality, your day-to-day, your health.
  • You have Venus in your 10th house, which is about your long term, your legacy, and on Tuesday, it’s squaring Uranus in your relationship house. All this is putting a lot of pressure on your career and relationships.
  • Mercury, currently in your 12th house, is about to square your ruling planet in Capricorn, your 3rd house, bringing up a lot of communication issues and may leave you feeling a little lost.

So there’s a lot going on for you across the board and it can be very overwhelming.

Thing is, the facts are in front of you, but you may be afraid to see them. You have a bit of a double life going on at the moment between the life you want to be living and the one you may feel stuck in. I would strongly encourage you to choose one.

SPOILER: pick the one your heart wants, not the one you think you should be in.

This week it’s important to know what to hold on to and what to let go of. Are you holding on to something you think is valuable, or that you want to be valuable that really isn’t?

You need to make the world that you really want. Scorpios have a lot of control over where they end up by the choices they make, so be careful and mindful in your choices and be all in or all out where you need to be.

You’re creating a world around you and you’re one of the signs who really doesn’t have to compromise that vision. You just need to learn who needs to be in it with you and where you need to invest yourself.

I think too often Scorpios limit themselves to a teeny world when they can have so much more.

Another thing with Scorpio where relationships stand, this is one of the signs where relationships only really work when the other person is FULLY on the same page as you. But in a way, if you learn that, that’s your superpower. You have to know that you can’t transform anyone but yourself, but when you give yourself permission to be your whole truth, then the ones like you start to come in and connect, making you your strongest.

Hang in there Scorpio, pay attention to things this week, look at your relationships, especially where they intersect with your career life, and make some choices about where you truly want to be. Because you don’t have the vision you have by accident, and the astrology is God pushing you into your highest level of authenticity. You are about to go through it Scorpio, so make it as easy on yourself as possible by getting really honest this week.

So much love to you. Take a deep breath and know there’s always beauty after the storm. – Samantha