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Daily Energetic clearing, Strengthening, and rePair

When we have little wounds, rips, and tears in our energy bodies (the mental body, the emotional body, and the etheric body – often collectively referred to as our aura), those compromise us in a few ways.

First, actual holes are hard to protect, and quite simply allow energies and entities to access us in ways that can drain our energy and cause us any number of physical and non-physical difficulties.

Second, the roughness of these rips and wounds can sweep up unwanted energies around us in a way that a smooth surface would not. Think about how a fuzzy sweater picks up lint, while a smooth, silk blouse typically does not. That roughness can also provide “handholds”, of a sort, that energies and entities are more likely to get a good hold on to hitch a ride with us.

Third, any of these wounds in our energetic layers, our aura, also send out a sort of signal that can call lower vibration energies to us like a moth to the flame or like ringing a dinner bell. So not only do we want to smooth and repair those rough spots to make you harder to hold on to, but we’ll also be turning off the neon sign flashing the energetic equivalent of “NOW SERVING”.

Basically what you’re going to be doing is dedicating a little quiet time each day when you will specifically invite in your angels and healers to have unfettered access to all the layers that make up you, asking and allowing your team to repair holes, rips, tears, and “abrasions” from all the emotional, mental, and physical traumas big and small that accumulate each day and each lifetime. And because you’ll be repairing and clearing an accumulation of damage and flotsam and jetsam that has settled into your personal energy layers (your aura) over a lifetime and lifetimes, this is intended to be a gentle, daily process with cumulative effects and benefits, instead of being one big “rip off the bandaid” type of mega-clearing and repair.

Let’s start by thinking about the space you’re going to use for this 10-15 minute process each day. Find a place that you can have all to yourself with little chance of interruptions. You can snuggle down in your own bed, sit in your favorite chair or sofa, settle in for a calming bath, hop on a float in your pool, find a quiet spot in your garden or a park, you can even do this while taking relaxing walk, whatever will be peaceful and perfect for you. If the only time you get to yourself is the time before any people or pets know you’re awake, you can make this the first thing you do before you even open your eyes. Just play possum while your healing team and angels do all the work around you.

If you want to use music to enhance your relaxation or to help you keep track of time, our guides have always recommended listening to classical music, especially Bach and Beethoven, for a little while each day, so you could basically kill two birds with one stone by using a 10 minute selection of classical music during this quick exercise. And remember, anytime you’re choosing recordings, especially anything you’re going to be listening to in a meditative state, there’s an unknown factor about the energy involved when that music was recorded or uploaded, so always, always, always set the intention that you are protected, and that only energy and beings of the highest light and vibration that serve your highest good may enter into your space.

So we’ve set the scene, now let’s talk about what will actually happen during this daily strengthening, clearing, and repairing practice.

The first step is to just breathe, and with those breaths, imagine that you are breathing in light from the Universe all around you, illuminating your body and several inches around you. You can imagine this light to be God’s light, starlight, Source light, Divine light from the core of Mother Gaia, or even the Divine light that you can access through your own heart. Just let it stream in from around you and within you.

Now invite in your team. I usually say, think, or intend something like “I ask my guides, guardians, angels, healers, and beings of light of the highest vibration to step in and assist me. I ask you and allow you to access any of my physical and energetic layers to provide healing, repair, and clearing, and to assist in ways I may not know to ask for, but that would serve my highest good and the greater good. I ask my higher self to act as the gatekeeper to oversee this process, to provide permissions, directions, and enact protections as needed.” Full disclosure, after a while of choosing my words very carefully for this invitation and invocation, it began to be perfectly appropriate to shorten that process to “All right, ya’ll, let’s do this!” I wouldn’t jump to that shortcut right away, but once your intentions have been firmly established, that’s totally fine.

Now let’s visualize your angels at work. You’re going to be calling in six archangels to assist you. They’ll be taking positions all around you, and each will have a slightly different “job” that you can request and allow. Let’s discuss them in the order you’re going to invite them in.

  • Archangel Raphael, the archangel of magic, healing, transformation, and the element of air, will stand at the east and bring his emerald green fire to support and surround you. If you’d like to visualize a physical representation of this angel, you can imagine him traditionally in golden robes, surrounded by emerald green light. He’s often associated with physical healing, but in this exercise you’re going to welcome his energy in and ask and allow him to focus on clearing and repairing the energetic layer known as your mental body, asking him to specifically clear beliefs and judgments of your own or of others that you’ve taken on but that do not serve your highest good and that are limiting you. This would also be a good time to ask for the repair of any damaged energy channels, especially those in your head, neck and spine, shoring them up as you move into the practice of regularly taking in more light and receiving energetic downloads.
  • Archangel Michael, warrior protector angel and archangel of fire will stand at the south and bring his sapphire blue energy to support and surround you. If you’d like to visualize a physical representation of this angel, he’s traditionally seen as a red-robed figure surrounded by sapphire blue light. He is the Great Protector, and as a warrior and protector with his fiery sword of light, your higher self and other angels may also ask for his expertise (such as cutting cords and excising unhelpful energies and entities) anywhere in your physical body and energy body. In this exercise, though, you’re going to specifically ask and allow him to repair and seal openings, rips and tears in your etheric body, strengthening this energetic layer that is closest to your physical body and the layer where your chakra system lies.
  • Archangel Gabriel (or Gabrielle), messenger angel, archangel of dreams, emotions, and the element of water will support you on the west with their diamond white fire energy. If you wish, you can picture Gabriel traditionally in blue-green robes and surrounded by diamond white fire. Allow Gabriel’s energy to not only wrap and surround you, but also to flow deep into your emotional body to clear stagnant emotions of your own, and also the emotions of others that have gotten caught in your emotional body.
  • Archangel Uriel, archangel of earth will come in from the north, bringing ruby red fire to surround you and soak deep within your physical body. If you wish to visualize a physical representation, Uriel is traditionally pictured in dark green and black robes, surrounded by ruby red light. Ask and allow that energy to begin to fill and clear your physical heart and etheric heart center, and then to flow with your blood to every cell in your body, helping to clear you of lower-vibrational energies.
  • Archangel Metatron will come in from above, and he’ll bring the Christ grid and golden white fire from the galactic or central sun down into your space. Allow that energy and Christ grid to come down through the top of your head, revitalizing and realigning each chakra as it passes through, creating a solid and unencumbered channel for light to flow all the way down to your heart where this energy and Christ grid will anchor. Also ask Metatron to use this energy and grid to seal the space you’re using, all doors, windows, etc if that’s applicable for the area you’re using during the exercise.
  • Archangel Sandalphon will bring up the crystalline grid of light from the core of Mother Gaia, of Mother Earth. The grid is silver crystal white fire and you’ll allow it to rise up through your feet and continue all the way up your body, through each chakra until it also anchors into your heart. Invite this fire into every layer of you, both physical and energetic, into your body, bone and blood, and also into your chakra system. Allowing it to revitalize and balance each chakra as it passes through it, providing the other half of the clear and unencumbered channel that was started at your crown with Metatron and the Christ grid.

Now relax, sink in, and feel yourself being held with love and purpose in all of these energies, allowing them to clear, repair, balance and revitalize your energetic structures and physical body. And don’t be concerned if you’re not real sure right now exactly how to visualize the energies or grids that your angels will be using. All that’s important is that you ask and allow them to do the work, then they’ll do all the heavy lifting. When your music is finished or you get the nudge that your 10 minutes or so are up, take a refreshed breath and thank your team for their assistance, releasing them with gratitude, but also welcoming any of them to stay with you for a while as you go about your day if they have more work they’d like do with and for you.