Where to Start

No two paths to awakening are alike. Each of our stories may be as different as night is from day, but what we all have in common is that our path had a beginning. We each had to start somewhere.

If you’re like me, you’ve made tenuous steps into new territory, going back and forth between wanting to embrace new concepts, and then just as quickly feeling silly about what you think you might believe, and even sillier about actually putting those new ideas into practice.

I was so fortunate to have my best friend Samantha in my life, sharing with me the information that she would get from her guides and through her abilities to feel and sense things beyond what’s considered normal. Without her input, I’d still be struggling to accept some of the concepts that I believe are key to moving forward on an awakened path. It was a long process for me, and I’m hoping that I can help shorten that process for you by being that “Yep. This stuff is real.” voice because of the trust I have in Samantha’s abilities, and also my own knowings and signs of confirmation that I get in layer upon layer of coincidences and synchronicities now that I’m tuned into what to look for using mostly just traditional senses.

In the hopes of allowing you to use our confidence in the belief of the “unseeable” to supplement your own sometimes-wavering sureness, sometimes I’ll be sharing in the Daily Dig some of those moments that we’ve filed in our personal “Library of Evidence” that we use when we have our own doubts and need to shore up our belief and resolve. And I’ll also be sharing my experiences with finding signs in the seemingly mundane that helped my very logical mind start to trust what I was feeling, even without the burning bush/booming voice in my head type of clarity I longed for.

So back to the question at hand: Where do I start?

YOU ARE A SPIRITUAL BEING: While I believe there are a number of things that would be helpful to embrace right away, my personal opinion is that the most important place to start is with the understanding that you are so much more than this physical life you’re living right now. That can be a tough concept, though, especially for those of us coming from a Western perspective.

TALK TO YOUR GUIDES AND ANGELS: As far as where to start with actions instead of just concepts, I wholeheartedly recommend that your first step be not only to open yourself up to the idea that you have guides and angels who are here (and have always been here!) to help you, but that you start actually talking to them. Out loud, even, when circumstances allow. Take a look at this post for more ideas on talking to your guides, and a little bit about my own experience.

LEARN ABOUT YOUR CHAKRAS: The next concept I recommend exploring (and the one I probably was the most resistant to) is that our physical body is reliant on energy centers that most of us currently can’t see or feel. These are called chakras, and I’ll tell you a little more about them here. It’s so important to start opening up those energy centers, clear away the “cobwebs” from years of disuse, and balance the energies flowing through them so that you can have the best physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health possible.

MEDITATE: The next step I would encourage (and one that goes hand in hand with the visualizing you’ll be doing for your chakras) is to start meditating. Don’t let that word scare you off. You don’t have to go full-on “Ommmmmmmm” if that doesn’t speak to you, and I’ll tell you more about my own experiences with meditating as we go on. You can do yourself a world of good simply by starting out with as little as thirty seconds of focused breathing a few times a day. Here’s a quick “anchoring in light” practice to start with here. Not only is anchoring a fantastic daily practice, but this one is short and sweet and can serve as a nice stepping stone to longer meditations.

SELF-LOVE: It’s also so very important that you begin treating yourself with love and compassion, and ways to put that in motion will be a regular topic in Samantha’s 365 and also in The Daily Dig. Love is the cornerstone, and you can’t very well show it to others or share it with the world, or even make good choices and establish reasonable boundaries until you feel it for yourself. It starts with you and showing yourself the love and compassion we all need and want.

FILL WITH DIVINE LIGHT: And though I mention this nearly last, it is in no way last in importance. Filling with and sharing your divine light is key. The only reason I’ve slipped this in here way at the end, is because you’ll be better able to understand this and visualize this once you’ve got a basic understanding of your chakras and the energetic layers that surround and support your body, and after you’ve been doing a little visualizing and meditating. But even before you’ve done your chakra tutorial, 🙂 you can easily start visualizing filling yourself up (every cell!) with divine light, bringing that light in from around and within yourself, anchoring that light into the Earth and up into the heavens in a pillar of light, and eventually sharing that light with the world around you. It’s your gift you’ll be giving the world, humanity, and the planet, and it costs you nothing but a little bit of focus and a few moments of visualization.

SHIELD AND CLEAR YOUR ENERGY: And last, you’ll want to start shielding energetically and cleansing your energy and your space. Make no mistake, I’m not bringing this up last because it’s the least important. It’s absolutely essential, and an indispensable practice that merits regular, if not daily, attention. There are energies out there that affect us negatively, and yes, believe it or not, there are even entities out there that do not have warm and fuzzy ideas about us. So taking a moment to visualize a bubble of light around yourself –a shield that only allows energies of the light to pass through it– and reinforcing that visualization frequently is undoubtedly in your best interest.

So from my personal experience, I believe this list includes the most beneficial concepts and practices to put your new awakening into forward motion. But it’s nowhere near a complete list of the subjects that will still be critical for you to consider as you navigate your path.

There’s still the very big topic of Astrology and how those planetary energies affect you and support you, though I completely understand why at first blush that seems to be a rather far-fetched idea. The more I’ve learned, though, the more essential being aware of the current energies has become to me, so I’m glad that Samantha will often share some of her insights on daily alignments and energies in her posts, and then you can check out our recommendations for Astrology resources here.

There’s also great benefit in learning more about crystals and the properties and uses attached to these little powerhouses that Mother Earth has hidden away like Easter eggs, given to us to help our journey when the time is right. And again, I do understand that on the surface it seems unlikely that a rock has qualities that can affect us in big or even small ways (unless it’s a rock that just beaned us in the side of the head, of course), but my experiences with Samantha and other friends who are able to actually feel different energies that come off the various stones has encouraged to not limit myself to only what can be seen or felt with my traditional senses. The google can be your friend in researching crystals to support you, and also be on the lookout for crystals that we choose to highlight here.

Okay, so this is all a great place to start, but it truly is just the beginning! So many things to discuss, so be on the lookout for even more information headed your way. I’m excited to have the chance to share more about topics such the importance of gratitude, using affirmations to influence your attitude and the energy that surrounds you, the benefits of releasing guilt, and I’ll also point you in the direction of outside resources and other wayshowers that have been so helpful to me. I’ll be sharing more about how your relationship with food may change, how your understanding of your pets may broaden, and also how you can even send healing to yourself and others. I want to help you along your path by discussing the importance of sleep and how your dreamtime affects and benefits you, and I’ll discuss the topic of soul contracts and how that concept can help you release much of the judgment of yourself and others and to see much of what frustrates you in the world from a very different perspective.

There’s JUST SO MUCH to share, and I’m so excited that you’re here sharing your journey with me while I share mine with you. Explore the entire SAfire site and The Awakened Warren, and check back often for new content. And don’t forget to also check in for the Daily Dig, where I’ll sift through my thoughts for the day.