War: The 2020 Shift

Meditation this morning gave me a lot more insight on this coming “war”.

It’s already begun, of course, but it really gets moving with this supreme court seat. Because no matter what happens with this election, it’s going to be contested. I see no way around that. Even the astrology seems to show that we won’t know the outcome quickly.

So if it’s contested, the supreme court, theoretically, decides our next President. Therefore, whoever gets on the supreme court now, decides the election.

No pressure.

And both sides are already willing to fight to the death over this.

Guides have said there is no path to the golden age that doesn’t have Trump “on the throne” for the next 4 years. So while I hate that, I trust them and I try to find peace within it.

I’ve also seen visions of the alternative. And honestly, it was horrific.

One of my darkest moments was when the official word was given that Kamala Harris was to be the VP nominee.

She was the only candidate that was attached to the worst of the visions, and even though I know how this is all supposedly going to go, I can’t help but hold out for some 11th inning save. Kamala getting the VP nom was the opposite.

In that world, we fell into a very Nazi-like energy. Biden had died, and Harris had swung the pendulum so far towards a police state that people were terrified for their lives on a daily basis.

The pain and anguish of that vision stayed with me for weeks after. And then, when I heard she was the official VP nominee, I screwed up and posted to FB in my fear. My guides were so mad at me they didn’t speak to me for four days. But in a way, that’s how this site was born. I knew I had to get off FB in any meaningful way. I had to build something safe to exchange the information I have, but without hurting anyone or slipping up and giving someone insight they can’t handle… which hurts them.

I can’t live with myself hurting anyone.

I know this shift. I know it inside me, in my DNA, I know it, I recognize it, I’m reasonably certain I’m one of the architects of it. And while it’s got potential for pain and grief beyond what we can comprehend, if it goes to plan, it ends in light and love to a degree we cannot comprehend.

This shift is supposed to be:

  • plague (check)
  • financial collapse with a redistribution of power, and a new way that money is done that no longer leaves people vulnerable (this is being seeded now, but we won’t see it start to unfurl until next year)
  • political ugliness the likes of which we have never seen (we’re seeing just the tip of that iceberg now)
  • war
  • and in 2024, a woman president that is only motivated by love and protecting the innocent. She is who walks us into this new era and by 2026 has fusion power online, which ends the shift.

The guides have always said that I can’t understand the war because it won’t be the obvious guns and bombs. And there’s a high probability aliens are involved, which makes me extraordinarily uncomfortable, so I know I filter out a lot that they’re trying to show me. But I am working on being more open in that area.

They recently told me the war is about removing the “oppressors” of this world.

Today they were showing me the government here in America, so consumed with their infighting that the American people can pretty much go fuck themselves. At the end of the day, they really don’t care about us beyond how we serve them.

I’m talking about the people on the upper levels of politics. Guides say there’s no way to reach that level in this current system without giving up your soul along the way. So they’re all dark-consumed or simply zombified.

If that’s true, if the Ds and Rs really do declare all out war on each other (which at this point in time, I can see the possibility of) and if they somehow drag the rest of the world in on that… make them choose sides… because let’s face it, America is a powerhouse and there are many powerful people around the globe invested in that. Again, the war is not bombs and guns, it’s deals and backstabbing, maybe some assassinations, all played out in these secret backrooms normal people never see into.

How this will be different than the norm is in their level of being all-consumed. The American people will be left to “fend for ourselves” in ways we aren’t now … in matters of finance, of law enforcement, of governing in general. It could devolve to the purge every night. Because no one will be running the country, they’ll be too busy plotting their next blow against their opponent.

This is what the guides are trying to prepare us for now.

This is when having food, medicines, a stock of basic needs, a way to protect yourself, water, possibly so far as a way of living off the grid… that’s when this all comes into play. Right now, we’re in practice mode. The stage when it all gets real seems to be from 2022 to 2024. We have to be prepared to get through those years, without help from anyone other than those people we’ve attached with to get through this with.

That’s why the astrology has hitting relationships so hard these past few years.

We absolutely have to be aligned with the right people to survive this shift.

This is the time frame, 2022 to 2024, when they want my circle out of the country, to be completely honest. They’ve told us to buy property in Punta Cana, or at the very least rent something, but do not stay in this country during that time period.

This is also the time frame when the mission SB and I have ignites. We are supposed to be seeding the planet and people with great healing. It’s the time frame of the visions I’ve had of us traveling the world and literally seeding energy into the planet’s chakras.

Yes, Gaia has chakras.

This time frame, given what they’ve shown me about this war, would be vital for all of us. Our missions during this time would be so that when the oppressors are defeated, and they will be, we actually can walk into this golden age that’s been promised.

As always, I do not share these things to scare you, but to embolden you, to prepare you. We are stronger together.

In all things, I pray you take hold of your destiny and walk in the light and safety of your true path.