anchor your light

As energetic beings, we do need to get a handle on maintaining our chakras and energetic layers through visualizations and routinely asking for cleansing and “pest control” from our angels and beings of light. But even before we understand the full scope of our chakras, our energy, and our light, I see no reason to delay going ahead and anchoring our energy and light into Mother Gaia, our Earth.

Eventually you’ll learn more about how this is a symbiotic relationship where you can give back to her at the same time that you’re rooting yourself deep into her energy, but for now, she’ll understand that you’re just beginning and just need to get the hang of how she can help you first. 🙂

First, visualize your heart center filling with light that you’re bringing forth from within you, from within that heart center. You are always connected to Source light and can access it at anytime from within you. Absolutely fill with that light, and now imagine that light moving down through your body, down your legs and out through the bottoms of your feet into the earth. There is no limit to this light and no limit to how far you can see it move. Imagine it moving down, down, down through all the layers of the Earth (however you imagine those layers to look), branching out into roots and weaving throughout all of these layers and down into the very core of the Earth, tapping into what we’re going to visualize as a bright and radiant crystalline core of the Earth. Now imagine that light being energized even more by that core and returning back up to you, back through those same roots you’ve imagined and that you’re going to keep in place as a constant connection to the Earth and the energies she provides.

As that light returns, energized, to your heart center, now imagine it moving up, up through your body and out the top of your head (your crown chakra) and up, up, up into whatever point in the heavens you want to imagine a galactic sun of Source light. Tap into that point and allow that light you’ve been moving all around to now get energized even more by this galactic sun, and see it returning back to you, and again moving back down through you, your heart center, your legs, your feet, and into the Earth. Visualize this as an endless loop of an exchange of energy.

You can start out by remembering to do this anchoring when you wake and again before you go to sleep, and at any time it crosses your mind that you have a moment to visualize this and give it a little boost. Eventually you can embrace that this is your new normal, to always be anchored in this way in the Earth and up to the galactic sun, a great pillar of light flowing through you, because YOU ARE LIGHT.