Aries Rising at a glance

  • Aries: Cardinal Fire 
  • Sign: Ram
  • Ruler: Mars
  • Positive Expression: Adventurous, Confident, Courageous, Pioneering
  • Negative Expression: Combative, Brash, Pushy, Restless

A deeper look at The Ascendant in Aries

Born with Aries on your Ascendant (or Rising), you are likely to approach life in a straight-forward and direct manner. Aries is a physical and dynamic energy. Accordingly, you are likely to love a challenge, enjoy being busy and will generally move toward your goals without delay. Although, in family matters, you may be inclined toward self-sacrifice, willing to undergo hardship and sacrifice for the sake of those you love.

Aries rising implies you will bring an enthusiastic, dynamic and fun-loving approach to most new things. You are likely to be capable and energetic, prefer a high degree of autonomy, and need to feel as if you are in charge of your own affairs. People with Aries Ascendants are direct and quick. Their first instinct is to do, rather than think.

Aries is the first zodiac sign, so people with Aries ascendants like to make their mark and can be a bit competitive, but they generally put most of the pressure on themselves. These people love to come out ahead in all that they do. Although Aries ascendants may come across as bossy, they really just want to be seen as courageous and bold for being the first to blaze their own trail. Others will see you as capable, or possibly brash.

You have strong mental energies and may love to debate, argue or “butt heads”. Pushing the envelope is fun for you. You may need to learn not to take on challenges purely for their own sake. Eventually, you will discover how to incorporate qualities such as diplomacy and tact as you realize ambitions.

It is also important to recognize your need to expend physical energy, without expecting the same from others. Exercise and lots of activity will help keep your nervous system functioning well. Inactivity can lead to moodiness and emotional overwhelm.

To live the full potential of your Ascendant, you need to become decisive and take action. Your task is to find your creative potency, so that you can initiate new things. You need to experience yourself as an instigator, and be recognized as a self-starter. You have strong tendencies to do things on your own, which will incline you to be self-sufficient.

Key points

  • Aries signature color is red, using this color in your life, clothing, and surroundings, will help enhance and pull out your Aries qualities.
  • Aries is the first sign of the zodiacal wheel. Ruled by Mars, it represents the first house, the house of self.
  • Having your rising sign here, can often mean your houses are aligned perfectly with the overall zodiac house wheel. Check your natal chart for your exact alignment.
  • Mars energy represents vitality, activity, and desire, thought to be related to the survival instinct.


  • Parts of the physical body ruled by Aries: Head, including the face, brain, and eyes
  • Related Crystals: Quartz Crystal (your power stone), Carnelian, Citrine, Black Onyx and Rose Quartz
  • Essential oils & herbs: Basil, Nettle, Chervil, Wormwood, Geranium
  • Keywords: Active, Aggressive, Daring, Pushy, Incisive, Hot Tempered.


Aries is a sign of vision, courage, boldness, leadership and drive.

In Esoteric Astrology, the Tibetan describes the soul in Aries as a “point of light in the mind of God”. As Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it’s thought of as the baby, or as the sign totally absorbed of self, unaware that there is more than itself beyond itself.

That’s not as negative as it sounds, it simply means this is the place to truly examine one’s own sense of being, existence, and presence in the world before moving on to other things.

Aries comes filled with excitement, ideas, inspiration, and enthusiasm for the journey. Aries brings the drive and the impetus to get started. You are full of enthusiasm, brimming over with excitement, and you take your first eager steps down the road. That is the energy of Aries.