Horoscopes are the general understanding of the energy as related to a person’s sun and/or rising sign. It is a great way to get your feet wet in the understanding of astrology, but it is the shallowest representation of astrology. Your personal astrology is far more complex than what a horoscope will reveal, but a horoscope can be a great quick check-in with the energy.

Aries Sun and Rising Weekly Horoscope Sep 14 – 20 2020

Happy new week, Aries!

There’s a lot going on in the sky this week, but we’ll start first with the new moon in your 6th house on the 17th.

For you, this new moon is in your 6th house, the house which corresponds with health, wellness, and daily routines, so this is all about your day-to-day. However, the moon is going to be squaring the nodes and the nodes being in Gemini and Sagittarius. For you that means 3rd house of communication and 9th house of philosophy or beliefs.

I think for you this is a ton of mutable energy and there may be a lot of questioning coming up about where’s everything going and what’s working in your life and what’s not.

Venus in Leo squaring Uranus this week is dealing with financial aspects for you. While Mercury in Libra squaring Pluto and Jupiter this week, means career and relationship conversations.

This week has a lot of focus on career for you, actually, but the only things that will really work are the projects you’re really in love with and the relationships you feel most in tune with. This is a great week for Aries to really tune in to what your heart values and go with that, in money, career, and relationships.

Add all of that to Mars retrograde in your 1st house and Jupiter starting to move again this week, and it’s going to feel like a lot of pressure to change your reality, but you’ve got to remember not to compromise your values.

For a heads-up, this is the last week the Sun is going to be in Virgo. Next week we move into Libra, your relationship house. But I think once the sun moves into Libra, you’ll be able to catch up on some of the ideas and paradigms that have been presenting themselves to you.

This week, my best advice to you is to re-assess what you’ve been building, and re-evaluate your partnerships and your lifestyle choices. Check in with yourself and be honest about your values. Is your life aligned to that or not?

The answer to that question gives you your battle plan for the week.

Thanks so much for being here. I hope this helped give you an idea of which way to move this week. Sending you love for a blessed week ahead. – Samantha