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I wholeheartedly recommend learning more about Astrology, and seeking out information each day about what energies are at play. There are many, MANY layers to how each of the celestial bodies interact with each other and affect us. One of my favorite teachers I’ve found to explain some of this to me is Debra Silverman, with her down to Earth explanations and her conversational videos and tutorials.

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For daily astrological insights, I recommend both Katie Sweetman at Empowering Astrology, and Sarah Hayes at Astromomma for their thorough but easy-to-read insights that are free of much of the technical jargon that can confuse the beginner, yet explain what to expect and where your personal work may be based on the day’s alignments.

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And last but definitely not least, Samantha and I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE the monthly sign-by-sign readings provided by Nicholas Ashbaugh. These are tarot readings done every month for every sun sign, and they have become an invaluable source of proactive information for the month ahead. And honestly, he’s just a pleasure to welcome into our space and home each month as we watch his videos. You can see and feel how much he cares and wants the best for you, and is using his intuitive gifts to help you have your best life and best relationships. And yes, I realize that a tarot reading isn’t exactly an “astrology resource”, but these are based on your sun sign, so I thought I’d throw it in here. 🙂

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