Blessed New Day

Blessed new week!

This rainbow over Hawaii photo spoke to me today of peace, hope, beauty, paradise… I pray that energy over you today. I pray that whatever you face, you can feel that peace in your heart, surrounding your being.

I think one of the best lessons we can ever learn is how to bring peace into our souls, no matter the chaos around us. 2020 is allowing us to master this lesson, for sure.

The week ahead will bless you if you ask it to. Be bold. Be smart. But go after what is in your heart. In truth, that is the entire point to this life.

Your heart knows the way, let it lead.

Let your mind show you how to overcome the obstacles and avoid falling off cliffs, but let the heart lead.

I hope today you find true beauty in your world. So much love and many blessings ~ Samantha