Blessed New Day

Blessed Friday!

We made it through another week, and a new moon, to a whole new vibe and a fresh start. I’m excited.

So yesterday I did new moon intentions for the 365… only 5 more days now. I’m super nervous about it because before, the spotlight was on Disney, but this time, it’s just going to be me, and me and Amy. Doing this requires a level of candidness I’m not comfortable with, and sharing my fitness journey, too … it’s all so vulnerable

I know some people will look at what I’m about to do and think, drama queen, white trash, buffoon… I don’t know, there’s a lot of ways this can look. At the end of the day, though, I feel called to something here, and it’s scary and challenging, but it could also turn out to be wonderful.

I think so often in life, and especially right now with so much uncertainty, we wait. We wait until it “feels right”, but what we’re really doing is waiting until it feels comfortable.

In my experience, comfort is not the feeling you’re looking for when you want to do something amazing. When you want to do something that’s going to shift lives.

Every day we have to find our courage, big and small. During 2020, I think we’re challenged to do that in so many new ways, but we’re all heroes in our own ways when we find that courage and step into the unknown. Yeah, sometimes we fall, but when we don’t, it’s what makes life worth living.

So whatever you’re facing today, I pray you courage. You’ve got this. So much love to you – Samantha