Boundary Protections

Although we often think to ask for our angels’ protections from day to day, we all-too-often forget all the ways we,ourselves, can lay energetic protections into our lives and spaces.

If we are just coming to a spiritual awakening, we may not really want to know what all is out there able to attach and enter our sacred spaces, but it is better to have knowledge in your corner.

The most important thing is not to fear anything.

For me, working with spiritual entities actually goes back to my days in Christianity. I was involved in a prayer ministry that focused on demons.

Jump forward more than twenty years to the point that nothing much flusters me, and now it’s just like, oh, you gotta go.

This article is going to cover the three ways I personally seal and protect my home: oil, red brick dust, and salt.

Something to keep in mind when you are coming from a no- spiritual background, all these things I’m about to mention may seem too witchy or dark, but the agents themselves don’t have an alignment (except for maybe a ouija board which I wouldn’t touch if you paid me).

What’s important in using these tools is intention and knowing that you are the power. The rest are simply aids.

My methods are adapted from my Christian history, and rely heavily on my own power, faith, and alignment with God.

  • Red brick dust is an old hoodoo trick used to spiritually fortify one’s home. The name gives it away – “red brick dust” – that is exactly what it is – dust made out of red bricks. This old conjure trick’s legend is said to have started in New Orleans in the French Quarter. Voodoo priestesses like Marie Laveau used red brick dust to protect their homes and places of practice. Red brick dust, also called reddening or brick dust, has been used for centuries and is theorized to be a modern version of the sacred red ochre used in ancient ritual.

There are a few reasons that makes it so effective in keeping intruders (both physical and spiritual) out of your house.

Bricks have been used for thousands of years to build homes; therefore, the purpose of the brick itself is protection from outside elements. Fired bricks are known to last the longest and be the strongest type of building block.

Bricks are made from materials of the earth like clay, sand, or lime. The earth element is an element of home protection. Iron, a strong metal, is often a component of red bricksl.

The color red (like the red brick) has long been associated with the world of the dead/ancestors since ancient times. Our ancestors are our strongest protectors.

So while the brick has its own physical protective qualities, those physical qualities pour over into the spiritual realm and become spiritually protective as well.

  • Salt can be used in exactly the same way, for exactly the same purposes. It just depends on what you’ve got and how you feel about it. And by salt, I do mean regular old salt, nothing fancy.
  • Oil can be anything from cooking oil, to essential oil. I tend to use oils that have been anointed with herbs and purpose, but in a pinch, olive oil works just as well!

For my purposes, I use either the salt or red brick dust to create a barrier at any entry point in my home, doors and windows.

First, I wash and sage the area, clearing away anything stuck there.

Then, I draw a fine line of it in door jams and window sills, and as I do that, I pray and call on my angels to enforce the barrier, to protect my home from

I usually repeat this once a month. I like to do this on the dark moon, but that’s just personal. It’s a good start to a new month.

With the oil, it’s a little different.

I go to each door and window frame, and atop them, I paint a small cross with the oil, and I bless my home, declaring that only light may enter here.

The salt and red brick dust, those are more mechanical to me. It’s the same as having a working screen on your patio door.

The oil is more sacred and I use it as an anointing on my space and the people and pets who dwell within. I try not to get too “human” with it. I do it when I feel called to do so. It’s an entirely spiritual process for me and I need to be in the right zone for it.

Just remember, as with all things, your intention, mindset, and belief is where the power lies. Be in the right head-space and you can’t do any of this wrong.