Explaining Buy Me A Coffee.

Buy Me A Coffee is a platform meant to help creators monetize. It allows either monthly or annual memberships, but also to simply “buy me a coffee” by tipping one to five dollars at a time.

Right now I am NOT monetizing anything.

You have been AMAZING to me, so please let me give back to you by joining this as my guest, my family.

This platform is where most of my online activity will be anchored over the coming year.

However, it’s not a place you have to add to your lists of sites to check. I’ll simply make a post in Buy Me A Coffee most days to say hi, and to let you know where and what all the new content is that day, and give you links so you can find what you want to read or watch.

You’ll get an email just for that post. There may be some exceptions if there’s something major happening that I don’t want you to miss, but the site doesn’t send emails without me clicking the “notify supporters” button, so I will be mindful and selective of what notifications are going out.

Content that will be featured there:

  • My books will be there for download. In fact, as a member, you’ll get to download the book at the beginning of the month, before I reveal it on the site for other readers.
  • Amy and I will be doing vlogs and some livestreams, reminiscent of the Ohana. We don’t currently have Disney passes, but we do have SeaWorld passes, so we’ll be regularly sharing the beauty and fun of that park with you.
  • My fitness vlog and journaling the 365 to get fit will be there almost exclusively.
  • There is also an exclusive IG that goes along with the fitness part, to share the journey, recipes, inspiration and the like.
  • Plus, if you want a SAfire Studio, you’ll get priority waitlisted. You can check out the demo page here to see what they are. Our SAfire Studios site is where all of my spiritual content will be shared.

So if you’d like to be a part of all that over the coming year, just send me a message on FB with your email, and I’ll add you as my family.

The year ahead may just be my best year ever, and with all that’s going on in the world, I’m determined to bring laughter and send love to anyone who’ll let me, and I’d love you to join me.

Message me on FB to get free access to the inner circle of the 365 through Buy Me A Coffee.