Horoscopes are the general understanding of the energy as related to a person’s sun and/or rising sign. It is a great way to get your feet wet in the understanding of astrology, but it is the shallowest representation of astrology. Your personal astrology is far more complex than what a horoscope will reveal, but a horoscope can be a great quick check-in with the energy.

Cancer Sun and Rising Weekly Horoscope Sep 14 – 20 2020

Happy new week Cancer!

We of course have a new moon this week, on the 17th, and as the Moon is your ruling sign, you’re of course going to be feeling that extreme. What’s unique about this new moon for the collective is that it’s squaring the Nodes. What this means for you is that your 3rd house (communication, community) is squaring your 6th (health and the day to day) and 12th (completion) houses.

This new moon is going to hit you in your environment and your spiritual path. It’s time to look at what in your environment is no longer serving that path. What needs to be released or rebirthed? You’re being called to a level of honesty about your reality, what can be fixed and what cannot.

Cancer’s have a particularly harsh relationship tunnel they’re in right now.

Jupiter came direct last week in your relationship house. But it’s just the first of the big three to come direct in your house of relationships, so it’s time to open up and understand the past three and a half months and what they taught you about your relationships.

It’s important to realize that safety and emotions around your relationships, with communication and environment, is going to be extreme this week.

You have Mercury in your 4th house of emotion, home, and family. It’s imperative for you to communicate your emotions now, especially as this week Mercury is squaring both Jupiter and Pluto. Look at anywhere there is denial in your relationships.

Also, the moon is in Scorpio this weekend, your 5th house of death and sex also known as the romance house. This brief moment will give you a peek at what this next Mercury retrograde is going to be about for you. So pay attention to what comes up.

You’re being asked to square away your relationship matters, in part so you can deal with Mars in your 10th house of career and long- term goals. It’s the season to move forward, but you have to figure out this relationship stuff first.

It’s truly a beautiful time for you. You’re being asked to step into your power because you’re ready. But first, you’ve got to put your house in order.

So much love being sent to you this week, Cancer. I pray you find all the wisdom you need to make the right choices for you. – Samantha