Daily Dig 9-29-2020 I walk in a brilliant light

Here’s a throwback from a July 2018 Facebook post:

I had a reminder recently that the words I utter to the ethereal have a little more power than even I’ve been inclined to fully believe. One of my affirmations I routinely repeat when I’m out and about is “I walk in a brilliant light of love and protection. I am safe, and I am cared for.” It’s rather automatic for me, whether I’m actually having a moment when I think a little extra protection would be a good idea, or it’s just a good go-to phrase when there’s a little lull in the conversation in my head. 

A few nights ago I had reason to suspect that a man was following me home from the 7-11. I was trying not to be too paranoid or overdramatic about it, but it certainly was what my gut was telling me, and I couldn’t think of too many innocent reasons for him to have followed me as far as he did, right behind me, all the way from the store to the farthest building in the complex, then just disappear rather than head into one of the other apartments in my building. I did get home without incident, but was quite spooked, and have never locked a door so quickly behind me.

Once I was safely inside, I asked Samantha to check in with her guides about it so we could know if I had just misread the situation and was overreacting, or if this was a potential issue we needed to be mindful of. A little later, her main guide came back with “Yes, the intention was there, but he couldn’t act on it because she walks in a brilliant light of love and protection. Amy was never actually in danger because of that.”

Yep, “she walks in a brilliant light of light and protection”, the exact words I pray, repeat, invoke, affirm (whatever you like to call it) all the time in my head. So, after being taken aback at first by that initial moment of “Crap, I wasn’t overreacting, that creep really was up to no good,” and the uncomfortable thoughts that come when that can of what-if worms is opened, I quickly turned to just being grateful and amazed by the protections I’ve been afforded.

I hope that by sharing this I can plant the idea that we all have protections and other beneficial energies that we can claim in big and small ways once we begin to practice the choices, thoughts, and mindsets that support our connection to these energies, resources, and to the Divine.

Remember to dig deep, and dig life!