This is a personal blog, nothing here should be confused as medical advice.


Day 2… I’m sore, absolutely. Not as bad as I’d feared, but I’m also aware that muscle pain often shows up 48 hours later, so tomorrow is the real test.

Day one was always going to be the hardest. I’m one of those people who, when I commit, I commit… usually to my detriment. But because of that, getting started on something, committing to something life-changing, it’s terrifying for me.

Now that I’m over that hurdle, the work comes from continuing, which is definitely easier than getting started.

For me anyway.

Here’s the link to a preview of the Joel workout I’m doing, the one I did before Paris in 2018. I’m also creating a page on the site to embed some sample videos for anyone who wants to check them out.

I need to take a few things to my guides tonight in meditation to make sure I stay in alignment, and that I’m doing the best thing possible for my workouts. More on that tomorrow.

As for today, I’m tired. Spacey. Needing to do yoga, still. But day 2, I’m more committed, less scared, and working on focus.

Fitness Vlog

Slaying vanity and ego… this vlog is raw, unedited, and completely, unbearably, vulnerable.


Just for fun!

This Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad recipe from @saltandlavender is loaded with tender chicken, bacon, croutons, penne pasta, and the most delicious easy homemade Caesar dressing. Perfect for summer gatherings!

My personal view on food is eat what you love, what you crave, just be aware of what you’re actually consuming and why. Too often, mindless eating, is the worst thing we do to ourselves.

The entire recipe is located here. Enjoy!

The Reason I do this

My dreams of travel keep me motivated.

As I get further into the journey, I’m going to start more serious research on places I long to see. Places like Africa, Italy, France, and The Caribbean. Bali, Fiji, and Punta Cana… I know the big names, but I’ve yet to discover the smaller places within these well known names.

When I travel, I will be the sort of person who finds the small jazz club on a rainy night. The person who discovers the beach that has the best spiritual vibe. I can’t wait to meet the old couple who run the market in a village somewhere. I’ll be searching for the longings of my heart, touching ages-old architecture, feeling the energy and life force of untold people. I’ll be collecting stones. I’ll be collecting recipes. I’ll be collecting memories that I can’t take with me when I die, but that someday, will fill my hours with peace and my heart with joy.