how do i talk to my guides and angels?

It’s easy. Just talk to them. Yep. It’s that easy. They’re there, and they always have been.

There doesn’t need to be a formal process for this, you can simply start talking to them as if you were talking to a friend. It’s going to feel like a very one-sided conversation for a while, but there’s nothing wrong with that. You are opening and clearing those lines of communication with every thought or spoken word you send in their direction. They’ve been with you always, but getting messages through to you has been more difficult without your awareness or openness, and I guarantee you that they are beyond excited now that you’re ready to actively reach out to them.

While no intricate or formal process is required to speak with your guides or angels, it’s still a good practice to sometimes put a little preparation into reaching out. Especially right now as you’re just beginning to clear those communication lines of the cobwebs and energetic debris that have accumulated over time, being very intentional and setting aside some quiet time without disturbances or interruptions will certainly benefit your connection, deepen your experience, and reduce interference.

A great way to reduce interference is to take a breath, quiet your mind with that breath, and then imagine a giant bubble of brilliant white light around you. That brilliant light allows only light to enter because anything not of the light would be turned into light as it made contact. It’s a type of shielding I make sure to imagine putting in place when I wake and when I go to bed, and I’ll often visualize reinforcing it several times throughout the day. Not only is this a great standard daily practice, but remembering to initiate this or reinforce this prior to reaching out to your guides, enforces your intention that you only want to connect to those beings who are of a high vibration and who have your highest good at heart.

Now that your shielding is in place, let’s talk more about setting that intention of only connecting with beings of light that are best for you and your path. When I was deciding how I wanted to word that intention, I kept in mind that the reason I call on my guides and angels is so they can help me navigate my path, and that my path includes not only my personal goals, but also those checkpoints I need to meet to fulfill my commitments to serve the greater good. So the typical phrase I say or think is “I call upon my most loving guides, guardians, angels, and beings of light of the highest vibration who have my highest good and the greater good at heart …” and then I continue my conversation, whether that conversation consists of actual questions that I’m hoping to be shown the answer for in due time, a request for some energy clearing or some physical healing and energetic repair, or if it’s merely me talking through my thoughts of the day, knowing that they’re listening to my concerns, joys, troubles and triumphs with a caring heart and a desire to help.

An interjection regarding getting answers to the questions you pose: I would encourage you not to lock down on any one way to expect those answers to come through. Speaking for myself, I made the mistake of immediately expecting there to be an actual voice or a blast of obvious thoughts pop into my head that would bring the answers, and more often than not, all I would “hear” were the thoughts that my own mind would create out of fear or expectation. Our guides tend to find the path of least resistance to get those answers and nudges to us, and it’s unlikely that in the beginning that our channels to clearly spoken messages such as through clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience etc will be without resistance (or even exist at all), so be on the lookout for answers that they bring you through maybe an overheard conversation, a lyric on the radio, an unexpected call from a friend, seeing repeating numbers, or a particular animal that keeps crossing your path or makes itself known to you, among the endless ways the guides have at their disposal to reach us.

So, back to how you start talking to your guides: As you continue, you’ll find ways to enhance your connection. I know I feel more deeply connected to my guides when I speak to them while I’m outdoors, especially while I’m walking or when there’s the sound of water nearby. (Though, arguably, many of the most important conversations I’ve had with them are during mundane activities like brushing my teeth or washing my face.) The sound of running water, even if it’s just the kitchen tap, can provoke a change in your brainwave pattern that actually helps you enter a more receptive state, and I have a few friends who have found that the shower or bath is the perfect place for a solid connection with their guides. In fact, I’ve known my best friend Samantha to simply stand at the sink and turn on the bathroom faucet for a moment when she needs to tune in quickly for a clear and decisive answer using her various clair abilities, and throughout my life I’ve often experienced that slightly zoned-out sensation (what I would now call “in between thoughts”) while rinsing dishes at the kitchen sink, so I have no doubt that the sound of running water can also help those of us who have yet to identify any specific clair abilities, but who want to connect as solidly as possible with our guides.

You’ll find your own circumstances and set-ups that lead to the best connection. It just takes a little trial and error and the openness to try. Keep in mind that you’re likely to be able to connect the best when you’re relaxed, so the situations that are most relaxing to you could also be the situations that lead to the best connection. Is music relaxing to you? Is sitting in the sun relaxing to you? Does your mind wander and settle down while you cook, garden, cuddle with a pet, paint, or jog? Are you a bit non-traditional in how you relax? Then don’t limit yourself to trying to connect with your guides during situations that you think are supposed to be relaxing, or to those situations that seem right for everyone else. You do you! (Well, with one exception: If you find racecar driving terribly relaxing, let’s just leave that situation unexplored as a place to deeply connect with other dimensions, shall we?) My best advice for how to know which circumstances work best for you is to trust your gut. If you feel like you’re connected, then you are connected.

I also encourage you to look for outside resources that resonate with you that have meditations, prayers, or channeled messages that can be a helpful guide for connecting through more formal practices instead of just shooting the breeze. One of my favorite resources when I was starting down an awakened path was Melanie’s blog articles, YouTube videos, and regular emails have been a fantastic resource for me, and are often the little push I need to take a moment and connect with my guides.

The long and short here is to just start talking to your guides anywhere and anytime. Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk to open up those lines of connection and communication, and then start listening. Listen in every way imaginable … with your thoughts, your emotions, your ears, your eyes, and especially with the “coincidences” that happen around you. Sometimes you’ll “hear” the answers to your questions, but even when specific answers can’t be had, what you will see, hear, and feel are the many ways your guides start assuring you that they are there, that they are listening, and that you are loved.