I Made Out with Santa!

All right, I’m learning!

In day two of gameplay, I played another sim, Bailey Sandal. This time in the town of San Myshuno, which is from the Sims 4 City Living expansion.

I found out that the city in question is based on Hong Kong and San Francisco. It felt a little like a ghetto Portland to me, but I only played in it for a few hours and did not get deep into it yet.

I really love the festivals and the apartments, which gave tons of social interaction. Plus, I lived right at the festival grounds, so there was always something going on right outside my door. And I didn’t feel like the town was too small this time, which I did a bit in Sulani.

Keeping in mind that I’ve barely scratched the surface of anything here.

I had fun, though, and for the first time experienced some of the wackiness I love about the Sims. For instance, my sim got a call about an inheritance, and when I took it, the terms were that I had to get married within a week to get it!

I’m up for a challenge, though, so I went down that path. Got married, got knocked up by a different guy, then my husband died, and in my pregnant sadness, Santa totally hit on me, and then I had twins.

So average Sim day really.

I also learned some new technical stuff, like how to tilt the camera, zoom in and out, and I learned that I could play in the same city, with different sims, but have each of the sims I made be in the background of the current game still. Which for me is a HUGE big deal. It means I can create, at some point, an entire world and fill it with my stories and sims.

I feel maniacal laughter coming on.

But back to Santa for a moment. Apparently this is a thing in Sims 4. He likes to seduce the ladies, and lots of us out here suddenly have Santa fetishes! Who knew!? I mean I’m totally wanting to get a sim knocked up by Santa now.

Also, I found this guy who does a Sim blog…


Anyway, yesterday I officially started my pact with my guides and I have already done the first story, and that gave me a new idea for how to move forward in this space.

I think I’m going to create several worlds, maybe one for each world there is to play in. I think there are 14 towns. I’m not sure if that’s too many stories to handle at once or not, but seriously, I’ve had visions of doing this. You’ll never know what story is going to show up today, but I’ll just go randomly through each one making all kinds of stories, just short things, then I’ll have a category for each character.

Like today, I did one for Bailey Sandal. After my walk, I’ll go into today’s game and randomly choose a different town and a different sim, so tomorrow, you’ll get their story.

Oh my gracious this is what I’ve been trying to create and I didn’t even realize it!

I’m having a moment here.

So anyway, I’m going to run, get my walk in, close my bedroom window because it’s too hot today, and then delve into my new story world simtastic and see what happens today!

SOOOOOO happy right now!!


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