Let’s clear out those chakras!

Let’s start with a very quick and bare-bones explanation of what our chakras are.

Our chakras are the energy centers in our bodies, and keeping each of these energy centers flowing freely with as little obstruction as possible is the name of the game to maintain our optimum health – be that physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

We have seven major chakras. The first one is located at the base of our spine near the tailbone, and the seventh one is located at the tippy top of our head. You can picture them as spherical bodies of whirring and pulsing energy that are intended to be as energetically bright as a sun, but that will take some intentional visualization and maintenance to keep in such prime and bright condition. Let’s take just a moment to talk about the location and attributes of all seven, and then I’ll walk you through a brief beginner’s course in getting those disused chakras dusted off, brightened up, and flowing more freely.

The 1st chakra, also known as our root chakra or base chakra, is located at the base of our spine. Its energy is red in color, and it’s associated with our basic needs of survival, our feeling of safety, and our self-worth. Opening and balancing this chakra can help with anxiety and fears, dread, “expecting the worst,” or even feeling like you don’t matter.

The 2nd chakra is the sacral chakra and is located in our pelvis, centered at our belly button. Its energy is orange, and is associated with our joy, our creativity, our sexuality, and it’s also the expressive seat of our emotions. Opening and balancing this chakra can bring increased joy, and can address mood swings and emotional lability, a lack of interest in what we used to be passionate about, and difficulties expressing our sexuality.

The 3rd chakra is the solar plexus chakra and is located at the mid-abdomen level. The color of its energy is yellow, and it’s associated with our power, our confidence and self-esteem. It’s the seat of our personality and our identity, and it’s our chakra of action. A healthy solar plexus chakra allows us the confidence to make a plan of action, and gives us the power to see that action through. Opening and balancing this chakra can not only address a lack of power and initiative, but it can also help us bring more warmth into our personality (this chakra is a big, yellow sun after all!), and can help if you are battling negative self-talk and harshly judging yourself.

The 4th chakra is the heart chakra and is located exactly where you think it is at the center of your chest. This chakra’s energy is traditionally associated with the color green, but feel free to embrace and envision its secondary color of pink if you’re so inclined. It’s the seat of love, empathy, compassion, kindness, and forgiveness. It’s the chakra that connects you to others, and because of that connection, it’s also where past hurts from those you were and are connected to can reside. Opening and clearing this chakra will better enable you to let go of those hurts so that you can feel and show love and compassion for yourself and others…especially for yourself. Giving attention to balancing and clearing this chakra can also help you release bitterness and a general sense of anger, and from a physical point of view can help clear the way for improved cardiac and circulatory function.

The 5th chakra is the throat chakra and is located at the level of your throat, also encompassing your ears. The color of its energy is a light blue or turquoise, and it’s the seat of our communication and expression. Opening and balancing this chakra can help you express yourself and your truth, to listen to others, and can improve feelings of isolation or being misunderstood. Physically, a balanced throat chakra can bring relief to frequent sore throats, stiff neck, tight jaw, and headaches.

The 6th chakra is most commonly known as your Third Eye. It’s usually illustrated in the center of your brow, but be aware it’s centered around your pineal gland in the center of your brain. The color of its energy is indigo, and it’s the seat of our perception and intuition. An open and balanced third eye chakra allows you a clearer connection to your spirit guides and more accurate intuition, and it can address difficulty sleeping and mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, and can assuage paranoia, cynicism, and the sense of being stagnant or not knowing your purpose.

The 7th chakra is the crown chakra and is located at the top of our head. The color of its energy is violet, and is the seat of our awareness and our connection to the Divine and to the cosmic consciousness. An open and balanced crown chakra allows us to connect more completely to our Higher Self and to access our inner wisdom, and can address issues with boredom, spiritual disconnection, loneliness, and mental fog and confusion.

Okay, that was a quick intro to each chakra. So let’s do this! Let’s get those chakras dusted off, brightened up, and flowing more freely.

You’re going to do this through some simple visualizations. It sounds crazy, I know, but when you visualize, imagine, and intend for energy to flow and move and change in a certain way, you are actually making that happen. You are SO powerful, and this is so exciting!!

Start first by envisioning yourself surrounded in a bubble of the brightest white light you can imagine. This is a great practice anytime to help shield your energy from the darker and denser yuck that’s always around in our world, but it’s especially important while you’re actively working with your energy fields and chakras.

Next, let’s ask for some assistance from our angels, our guides, any of the beings of light that you feel comfortable calling in. They’re at the ready and are eager to help, but they respect your free will, so you’ll want to invite them in and give them permission to assist you. You ARE very powerful with your visualizations, but your team can do things with energy that we simply wouldn’t even know to try. We just need to ask. I typically say something like “I ask for assistance from my guides, guardians, angels, and beings of light of the highest vibration who care for me and my highest good”, but you can make that invitation your own and put it in your own words.

Now picture bright white light flowing up from the Earth into your feet. Mother Earth is a divine being in her own right, and gladly shares her divine energy with you, so thank her for her assistance and help yourself to this beautiful bright energy that’s now flowing up through your feet, up your legs, and into your first chakra, your root chakra at the base of your spine. Imagine the light filling up that chakra, that sphere of light and energy at the base of your spine. Picture that sphere of light glowing a fantastic red, and growing bigger and brighter and spinning faster as more and more light fills it. As the energy fills and brightens this chakra, state your intention that you want the energy to flow more freely, that you want the blockages of dark and dense energy in and around this chakra to be released and transmuted into the light, and ask your angels and beings of light to please continue this clearing process for you even after you’ve completed this visualization.

You’re going to do this with all seven chakras, working from the root chakra at the base of the spine, continuing one by one all the way up to your crown chakra. Imagine that you’re building and filling this beautiful tower of light by filling the first chakra, then let the first chakra fill the second chakra, and the second chakra fills the third, and so on and so on. As you reach each chakra, use the corresponding color for that chakra as you visualize the energy and light increasing and spinning and growing brighter and brighter.

After you’ve done this exercise on all seven chakras, take a moment to now visualize the energy from Mother Earth that you’re drawing up through your feet, see it flow in a solid channel of light up through all of your chakras and out the top of your head. Then allow that energy and light to continue to flow on up into the heavens, see it connect with the source of Divine light as you imagine it to be anywhere in the heavens. Let this flow of light combine with that source of Divine light, and then flow back down to you, through the top of your head, and imagine this all as a continuous loop of light, flowing to and through you in a solid pillar of light, down into the Earth, and then back up in that continuous loop.

Try to do this full exercise at least once every day, but honestly, I recommend doing this visualization as often as possible. You can even visualize the full exercise while you’re engaged in other activities such as watching TV, washing dishes, or while on a calming walk around the neighborhood (but, ummm, keep those eyes open during the visualization if you’re driving or walking …please), and you can also supplement that full exercise throughout your day by taking just 30 seconds of a free moment to focus on a particular chakra and imagine it shining brightly and spinning freely, anytime, as often as it comes to mind.

Also, if your schedule or the demands on your time make it difficult to engage in more than one session of solitary meditation or energy clearing in any given day, with just a little imagination, you can combine this with any other daily meditations, anchoring, or energy clearing and repair that you’re also doing. It all goes hand-in-hand!

Additionally, either done as part of this exercise or at a separate time, I also suggest visualizing the yuck that’s accumulated on each chakra, see it as tiny little dark fibers peeling off, one little thread at a time and burning away into nothingness as each fiber glows brightly when it comes into contact with the Divine white light you’ve called in or have asked your angels to wield to remove all these layers of darkness and density that are blocking your chakras from being fully open and flowing freely. I recommend doing this “burning away” exercise very frequently, several times a day, anytime you have 30 seconds.

For most of us, by the time we realize that there’s an energetic system around our body that requires a little maintenance, those chakras are fairly well encased in all the yuck that the world put there and that we unintentionally allowed or created there over our lifetime and lifetimes. This can’t all be simply removed in one fell swoop. It’s like a chipping away process that you and your team will take care of a little at a time, so it’s important to do these visualizations regularly, and ask for your team’s help ANY time you wish and AS OFTEN as you like. They are eager to help and are pleased that you’re asking for their assistance.

Getting your chakras brightened up and balanced is a gradual and ongoing process, but you’ve just taken a fantastic first step toward clearing the cobwebs of dense yuck that accumulates from a lifetime of disuse and misuse that we all subject our energetic systems to. There is more advanced and complete info on chakras and our energetic layers with a little Googling, and I highly suggest a surf through Googleland to learn more and see other ideas about how to clear and maintain your energetic system, but for now, my hope is that the info and exercise I’ve laid out here is enough to get you started without overwhelming you.