Morning Blessing for Wednesday, Dec. 2nd, 2020

Good morning, beautiful souls.

Here we are, arrived at the last month of 2020.

So many things have changed and are still changing for us all this year. What I want you to realize, though, above all else, is that we have the information we need now to move forward.

We’ve seen all the signs. God has shown us the way we are meant to go. It is up to each of us now to decide to move. That’s not always easy, but we have to now decide what’s important, what we’re willing to sacrifice of ourselves and what we’re not. It’s either ahead, or down from here as we continue on in this shift. There aren’t any other choices right now.

Remember every day that we hold tremendous power in this shift. We are not victims to anything. We have the knowledge and understanding to enact our power to change our worlds anytime we want. No, it’s never easy, but it is doable.

Keep your mind strong and envision the future you believe in. πŸ’œ


Romantic and magical, Samantha lives with deep faith in the shadow of Magic Kingdom and believes destiny can never be outrun. πŸ’œβ™ΎπŸ•‰ -11 11- πŸ•‰β™ΎπŸ’œ

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