Morning Ritual

Why starting off your day with ritual will heal your entire life.

One of the most important lessons I ever learned was when I had just moved to Orlando in 2012.

That time in my life was a rebirth, I had just come out of the darkest time of my life, into the life I’d dreamed.

To say I was grateful would be the understatement of the century.

I naturally woke with the thought, thank you, God, as my very first thought. I was drenched in joy. I’d get up, go to the sliding glass doors that opened to my balcony, fling the curtains back and say aloud, Good Morning, Orlando!

Starting my day from here, blessed every single day, and while, granted, I was in my bliss those first four months in Orlando, it set a habit in place that I intentionally keep to this day.

A habit I believe was paramount in my healing that I was in dire need of then. A habit I believe in as a core part of my spiritual base, and my life, my morning ritual.

I believe any day that starts in gratitude, with structure you’ve preset to push you off on your best day possible, is going to be a great day.

Great days turn into great lives.


One last note, if your bedroom isn’t considered sacred space, I implore you to consider addressing that. You can read my article on this topic here, so I won’t go into that further, other than to say, a good morning ritual, in sacred space, is super-charged. You’ll be unstoppable.

Because we’re all different creatures, with different astrological alignments, jobs, commitments, upbringings, and the like, a morning ritual is vastly different and personal for each person.

However, there are some key points that make a morning ritual work. I’m going to lay these out here for you to personalize as you like.

This is a commitment of your time and your focus.

This is not a quick fix that will allow you to hit the ground running with an air of superiority because you’ve done “self work”.

I highly encourage you to make these morning moments your priority of each day, don’t sacrifice them, don’t let anyone take them from you. You are creating your life here, setting your course in these small details.

Trust me, they are worth protecting.

The Basics

No Phone!

There is no good reason to sleep with your phone beside your bed, and unless you’re a master of discipline (honestly) and can leave your phone in the morning until after you’ve completed your rituals, I’d suggest leaving your phone shut off, across the room, in a drawer, in your purse, anywhere inconvenient.


Your first waking thoughts, no matter when, no matter what you have to do that day, should be gratitude.

This is something that takes practice, but as soon as you recognize your own consciousness, grab for something that makes you grateful, truly happy, and excited for your life.


Even if you don’t drink another ounce of water all day, have a small amount now, as you’re coming to wakefulness. I tend to keep a bottle of water by the bed so it’s right there, no obstacles. There are more benefits to this habit than I can tell you, but the hidden benefit is that it makes you pause just a moment before you move into your day. Use that time to make a commitment to your body, to tend to it today. To care for it. To love it.

Connect with that which you know as God.

At this point, I check in with my guides if they haven’t already checked in with me. I have the gift of clairaudience so it’s obviously quite simple for me to say, hey, y’all there? Even without that gift, though, there are ways to establish your connection on your conscious level. Anything from reading sacred text, to listening to music while practicing visualization, maybe doing a short guided meditation. The sky is the limit, whatever brings you connection, put that here.

For those who share a bed.

If you don’t wake into your own space, your own solitude, it is here that I would suggest connecting with your partner. Sex is a beautiful start to any morning, touching, feeling one another’s soul, entwining bodies and waking up hearts. This is not a time to discuss the news, the kids, the day’s demands, your disagreements, or your aggravations. Save this moment as sacred time to connect in the love you have for one another.

If this part scares you, turns you off the entire morning ritual idea, or you’ve just decided to “skip this part”, I would encourage you to question whether this is a person you should be sharing a bed and a life with. Not said in judgement, said as someone who knows. Life is too short to be shackled rather than partnered.

Your most valued practice of the day.

Maybe your must do is exercise, or yoga, maybe you need to connect with nature, or get a scene written in your new book, or to journal, maybe it’s to create something, or to read something. This moment in time is for you and should be treasured. This moment in time assures you that you matter in your own day. It promises you there is time for you and that you value you. That is key to the rest of your entire life. Don’t skip this part. The only rule is that this time is yours, it is not time to connect with anything outside of yourself. No chatting, no news, no partners. This is for you. A time to express yourself. A time to remember yourself.


My guides have me partaking in “morning pizza” each day. I order this great pizza from a local place, the kind of pizza that tastes better the next day, you know what I mean? Anyway, I order this pizza, and put it in the fridge. I have them square cut it, and each morning I take 2 slices and an 8 ounce glass of Pepsi.

My commitment with my guides is to be present and conscious when I eat this.

By doing this, I start my day totally satisfied from a diet point of view, all the lovely chemicals have my creative brain online, and I crave nothing all day long.

This habit has changed my eating, has changed my life! BUT, I have to be present in the eating.

It’s the same with the rituals.


Mindfulness and intention is what makes these work more than anything. Don’t put in all the time, then rip yourself off from the best result possible.

Something to think on

A morning ritual like this might take you a few hours of your morning, especially if the thing you do for yourself is creative in nature.

I set aside 3 hours for mine. These aren’t quick 1-2-3s. This is you setting the course of your day, your mind, your well-being, your soul.

If you don’t say you’re worth this time, then you need to take a few steps back and ask yourself, why?

These morning rituals are all about being connected, and I think chronic disconnect is what’s killing most of us right now.

It’s like we don’t feel we’re allowed to be whole.

But we are.

It’s so necessary and it affects everyone around us.

Make a commitment, then do whatever it takes to see it through.

You’ll start seeing a difference immediately, then it will wane, then you’ll want to let parts of this go.

I encourage you not to.

See it through the entire cycle, about 21 days, then judge where you end up and see what needs to shift.

I promise you, you’ll be changed for it, but remember, it’s in the mind, not just in the doing.


Romantic and magical, Samantha lives with deep faith in the shadow of Magic Kingdom and believes destiny can never be outrun. πŸ’œβ™ΎπŸ•‰ -11 11- πŸ•‰β™ΎπŸ’œ

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