Gemini September 2020:

The Universe is awaiting your next move Your dreams will show the way!

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Clear and concise communication will help you successfully navigate the month ahead. Be specific, avoid ambiguity and opt for voice, video or in-person communication over email or written correspondence (as tone or context can be lost). Don’t send a messenger, especially if there is a difficult message; it’s more powerful coming directly from you, in your own words, with the power of your voice behind it.

If you’re frustrated with information overload, manage your consumption wisely.

You’ve worked hard to get to this point… build-in redundancies to protect yourself. In particular, back up important data and revisit insurance policies.

This month opens up a shift from internal to external—it’s all about expansion. This could take the form of publication, dissemination, education or embracing your life purpose.

This is the perfect time to soak up knowledge and learn. Be inspired!

Balance all aspects of your life—health, wealth, relationships and life purpose. A lightbulb or “a-ha” moment is at hand. Are you ready to step into the wave of change in front of you?

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