~ Card of the day ~

The Spirit Animal Oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid


Because this card is reversed, it delivers a message of protection.

Protection message: Ideas need to percolate, as they rarely download in detailed form. The Eel spirit here in reverse is asking if you have too quickly dismissed an epiphany because you couldn’t see where it might lead you?

Have you rushed to follow the muse without taking time to contemplate the meaning of your aha moment?

I used to be victim (for lack of a better word) to this phenomenon ALL THE TIME!

Maybe your big idea is taking more time to shape than you expected. Have you considered that you are meant to learn something in the process of bringing it into being?

Spirit’s plans are often hard to discern, the nuances and nudges tend to come in bits and pieces, or else in bulk. But either way, we need to take time to disassemble and look at all the bits before we decide where we are going with this.

Now more than ever it’s so important to be as closely aligned to God as we can be. As we progress through this 2020 shift, I believe the only ones who’ll be truly safe, are those of us who can listen, hear, and understand each step as we take them.

Commit to transformation and to learning any lessons this new venture will bring, and soon you will see that your aha was even more valuable than you realized when you first felt it electrify you.

Perhaps your dream will even take a different form than you first imagined, morphing into something else that is even better.

Angel Number 24 is a message from your angels to continue on your present path with passion and enthusiasm. Believe in yourself and your inner talents and abilities in order to find success and achieve your desires and aspirations. Trust that achieving your goals is within sight.