Real Talk ~ Real Life

Looking at the astrology and energy of the day and how to best use it in our lives.

September 14th 2020

Today is an incredibly magical day that may be hard for some of us if we are still resisting change.

We have a Yod in the astrology today between the Moon, Neptune and Jupiter. These alignments are rare and are known as the finger of God. They form when you have two quincunxes to a single spot. In today’s case, that spot is the Moon, and because the moon moves quickly, this alignment won’t last long.

God is asking you, what makes you happy?

Your happiness matters. The joy of your heart is meant to be experienced, celebrated, and shared.

So today, it’s the moment to ask yourself what makes you happy, and if you aren’t following that, why not?

The other highlights today are a sun in Virgo trine to Pluto, and a Venus in Leo that’s square to Uranus.

That Venus alignment is really asking us to look at our lives in regards to relationships, partnerships, projects, values, money, what do you really love, what needs to be revolutionized?

And a sun trine Pluto is asking for change, but change can’t really happen while we also have a moon about to go dark in Leo and a yod with that moon to Jupiter and Neptune.

So we have some conflicting energy -a push pull of wants and desires- to what’s actually possible within the energy.

We’re ready for something different in so many ways, but let’s focus on the dark moon for a moment. What do we need to let go of? I always ask this because the great truth of life is that to get what you want, you HAVE TO LET GO of other things to make room.

But we’re often scared to let go of something that seems “fine”, or something we’ve made a commitment to that we want to “honor”. And while on the surface that’s admirable, beneath that surface you’re betraying your heart and soul so that on the surface you “look” admirable.

Give that some thought today.

With Venus squaring Uranus, stuff is going to shift and shift fast and unexpectedly in our projects, values, money, relationships and all things Venus-related.

Uranus is the shock, it’s the revolution, it’s the stuff that comes out of nowhere. You add that to Venus and you get long-term relationships just disolving overnight, you get jobs that just disappear, you get to find your husband in bed with your best friend… it’s those kinds of scenarios with this alignment that peaks out tomorrow.

S o give your life some serious reflection. Because it’s better to walk out with your head high, than to have Uranus say WHAM!

Immediately following the yod, the moon goes dark in Virgo, meaning we are headed to a new moon, so get your intentions together.

Jupiter is direct now, which is great, but it is still in Capricorn, so your luck is really still tied to how you’re showing up in your life.

Mars is still in retrograde, of course, and is currently making an alignment to the nodes that is bringing destiny to a boiling over point. Combine that with our Yod and I would say that whatever you have on your heart today, you are destined to take that step, make that change, commit to or leave that relationship. This is destiny you’ve been moving towards since 2008 at the very least. They key is what is bringing joy to your heart? And are you willing to do the work to get it?

Today is a beautiful day with beautiful energy. God is holding out his hand, asking us to walk with him to our true heart, to let go of what’s not showing up in our life in a way that respects our energy or our heartspace. Yes, endings are difficult, but we are at such a precipice of change in this world, we cannot afford to live compromising our destinies any longer. Make today the day you take God’s hand and say yes to your truth.

Whatever you do today, I pray you are blessed, that you feel the strength and courage you need, and that you live authentically, aligned with that which you know as God. A’ho, Amen, and so it is. Love and Blessings – Samantha.