Thursday September 3, 2020

Today’s pretty passionate, it’s a day that’s focusing particularly on our relationships. We have a Venus Square Mars aspect happening that’s adding a lot of pressure to relationships, asking again, who do we really want to be around now? Who do we want to be in this shift with?

The Sun is starting to trine Jupiter and making a trine to Uranus, meaning it’s a leap of faith vibe all week.

Here’s the real deal, the next three days are going to be a pressure cooker trying to get us to acknowledge and accept things that are done, that we’re refusing to let go of.

So, question: Do you really want to spend the next three days trying to go against what you want in your life, trying to force yourself to feel something you don’t?

Or are you ready to make some change?

With Mars in Aries, the first house, the house of self, we’re looking at what we really want, but too many of us are sitting there in situations we’ve refused to change, even though God’s been pushing and pushing, but we’re hoping the circumstances change instead.

We’re hoping our feelings change, rather than making any change… here’s a pro tip, if that’s where you’re at, the energy isn’t with you here.

It’s crazy to think you can change anything outside yourself, and even if we know that, we think we’ll just endure it then, but why? Why on earth would you choose to “endure” something rather than have the amazing, beautiful life God’s trying to hand you?

And these next three days is really going to bring that home.

This is honestly a big moment, a gift from God, giving us this moment to get things straight before Mars goes retrograde on the 9th. We need to be aligned with people, things, missions that are of our values, our beliefs, our desires. We need to really get that we can’t change people at this point, but we can still change us.

We need to be really smart right now. We need to look at the reality of our relationships and who we’re most likely to get through this together. Who’s on our team that can muck through all this and not lose it, not anchor us into a place we can’t survive? This shift is no joke and it lasts until 2024, so we can’t afford to be lackadaisical about all this, especially about our relationships.

Jupiter in Capricorn isn’t its strongest as it’s in fall there, but at the end of the day, it still wins because Jupiter is willing to take the ultimate leap of faith, but only for what is the ultimate. Jupiter isn’t willing to face death with a leap for something that’s just, meh.

We’re in a time that we can get the life we want, but we have to go for the ultimate best, nothing less.

If we don’t want it with all our heart and soul, it’s not going to work for us now.

And if you don’t know what you want with all your heart and soul, please figure it out fast!

It’s up to you now.

Do you want it?

In many ways, the ship is sinking right now, but we don’t have to go down with it. In truth, we can use the catastrophe around us, to propel us forward into everything we’ve ever wanted. I know it sounds crazy, but for those of us who’ve never had a lot of chances in the systems and structures we’ve been raised in, this is our opportunity. No matter how old or young you are, no matter what your dreams are, this shift, IF you’re willing to do the work and make the sacrifices, it’s here for us. It’s here to put us where we truly want to be.

But not dragging things, people, projects, jobs, that don’t belong.

The truth is, we’re in for a lot of ugly over the next few years, but we don’t have to be sucked down into it. If we’re smart, if we keep our emotions in check, if we are aligned with the right people and projects…

Things in your life that are divinely appointed, right now they’ll feel perfect. If you’ve got chaos, drama, stress… take a real look, because you aren’t aligned.

Set the bar higher on your life right now. Figure out what you truly want, and what it honestly takes to get you there.

You deserve more than where you are right now.

You want more than where you are right now.

I know and believe that, because you’re reading these words I channeled just for you.

God’s calling you. But you’ve got to be willing to be all in.

I’m about to shift seasons myself, and one of the things this new season is asking of me, is to get up at 7am.

I am a night owl and this is daunting, but it aligns with who I am and where I’m going, and I’m not wasting this moment in time over my desire to sleep late.

Every time you take the notion of, it’s not that great but hopefully it will get better… it won’t. It can’t because it’s in the old vibration, and if it wasn’t already working, it’s highly unlikely it’s going to be now.

Be brave. It’s 2020 and that’s what it’s asking of us.