Having sacred space in our homes is an imperative. We cannot function in this world without it. We need to recharge, reconnect, and reflect on our journeys to keep our intuition flowing and our paths aligned.

The key truth is, alignment doesn’t happen automatically and isn’t permanent.

Much as it is with cars, your spiritual alignment needs intention, attention, and maintenance. Sacred space within our homes is a powerful alignment mechanism. This article will give you the perfect way to set up an area of your home as sacred space. We’re going beyond altar space to something much deeper. If you are able to follow all the steps, you’ll have a space with incredible energy that will support you in every way imaginable.

However, if you aren’t able to follow every step, incorporate what you can. Every piece of this will shift energy and we all have to start wherever we’re able. God honors our intentions. Just do the best you’re able and that will be enough.

Our intention in setting up sacred space is to create an environment where the second you step into it, you are brought back to alignment. Being single, my entire bedroom is set up to be sacred space and I treat it as such. But sacred space can be anything from a bathroom, to a closet, to a backyard shed, to an entire room in your home. All of us have different needs and limitations. Whatever space you choose will work. And every space should start with a thorough cleansing.

Here are the steps to follow to clear any room of negative energy, or to reset a room’s energy for a different use.

  1. Make a “tea” out of herbs.

You can find a full explanation here.

2. Wash down all the walls in the space. Floors also if they aren’t carpeted.

3. Smudge the space.

Once you’ve washed down the walls, smudge your space with the popular white sage to clear any last remnants of dark energy.

Remember to use your voice during this entire process, banishing any dark, forbidding its return, and inviting in light.

Here is a link to a local shop that I trust where I buy herbs, Gypsy Apothecary here in Orlando. However, any of these would be readily available online.

Once the cleansing is finished, we want to start to create the right vibe.

Fresh paint is always a great start. Choose a color based on your intentions for the space.

Even if you live in a rental or an apartment, many landlords won’t mind you painting with a neutral pallet, since they have to repaint when you move out anyway.

Use your judgement, be respectful, and follow your gut on this, but don’t allow any fears you might to have stop you from this option. The paint seals the tea and creates a powerful clean slate in the room.

If there is absolutely no way you can paint your space, consider large tapestries or fabric to give the room the vibration you’re looking for.

Now that you have the room cleared and freshly painted, it is time to set up.

Bring back in any necessary furniture for the space. If it’s a bed, start with clean linen. If it’s a hard furniture like a bookcase or desk, those are great subjects to be washed with the tea, but at the very least, clean them before placing them back into the space.

Using the feng shui bagua allows you to set furnishing with the best energetic purposes.

This is the part of setup that becomes entirely personal. Just keep in mind you are creating a space for you that feels safe, intimate, and where you feel God. Altar space is generally placed here. And for me, I can’t be without my plants, and I also love an aquarium and twinkle lights in my sacred space.

The room should speak to you of beauty. Obvious spiritual accouterments would be crystals, select some that are true show pieces and just let them sit in a spot of glory. I have four large quartz crystals in each corner of my room that anchor the energy and I love that.

This is also a place to set your energetic crystal grid up for whatever you’re working on in your life. Have a monthly intention set and place an altar to that intention. Anything gifted to you from a soulmate, or from childhood that anchors you into love or identity is good for here, too. If you can’t do live plants, please at the very least, consider fresh flowers.

This room should feel like royalty. It should be speaking to your divinity, and that doesn’t mean everything gilded, it simply means whatever the truest part of your soul longs to have with you, that needs to be here.

Don’t overlook things like curtains on the window which softens energy and adds an aesthetic that tells your subconscious this room is special. If this space is your bedroom, make certain your bed has nice linen, a quilt or spread that gives you a sense of majesty or comfort. Choosing a throw rug, even if its over carpet, is another way to personalize the space further.

When it comes to wall hangings, place up anything that has meaning for you, or shop for new and let your instincts lead you.

I have a large pig on my one wall. I felt my guides lead me to it, and while he’s adorable, I would not have shopped for this on my own.

However, when I looked up the spiritual meaning for a pig, I discovered that it meant abundance and that your life is about to flourish. I have it placed so it is the first thing I see upon awakening and I’m reminded right from the start that I am provided for in all things.

Whatever you choose to put in this space, just remember that it all will contribute to the energy of the overall space. Each piece matters.

If you are single, my favorite spot for sacred space is the bedroom, because regeneration in a space like this is incredible. If you are setting this space up in the bedroom, though, do remember that your first waking moments are spent here, so create it to start yourself off in the most positive way. Also, you want it to wrap you in peace at night for sleep.

The second best spot to create sacred space is either a personal home office, or a garden area.

With a garden area you get out of the tea bath and the painting too!

I’ve had prayer gardens in almost every place I’ve ever lived. In many ways, they are the easiest sacred space to create, but you have to make yourself go be in them and not skip it like out of sight out of mind.

I had a kitchen once that was my sacred space and that was wonderful, too.

There are no rules about where, just make certain that whatever you choose, it speaks to you. It becomes something alive because there are angels, or fairies, or spirits of some sort, that do come to live in this space. I feel them all the time. They are my partners in making sure I have what I need to stay connected to myself, God, and my destiny. And to me, that’s the true sign of a successful sacred space.


Romantic and magical, Samantha lives with deep faith in the shadow of Magic Kingdom and believes destiny can never be outrun. πŸ’œβ™ΎπŸ•‰ -11 11- πŸ•‰β™ΎπŸ’œ

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