Savor the seasons

As we celebrate the equinox and the changing of the seasons, it seems a perfect time to talk a little about the seasons in our lives. Everything …and I mean everything … is a season. Nothing in this life is forever.

And that’s good thing.

Understanding the impermanence of life can give us hope when we’re in the midst of a challenging season, and it just as easily reminds us to enjoy -and I mean really enjoy- the beautiful, fun, exciting, joyful, moments in our lives. Those times when we sit back and say to ourselves “This is good” or “How can I be this lucky?” and “How do I deserve this or that?”

When you’re in a season that’s bringing you more good than bad, or you realize that life has given you something big or small that you’ve wanted, it’s good to remember that everything is temporary in nature. Not so you can be a total Debbie Downer all the time and mope around in your Eeyore voice “Well, this is nice, but good times never last long around here.” But rather, knowing it won’t last forever gives you reason to really relish it. Knowing it will eventually slip away in some way, gives you the reason and excuse to enjoy the heck out of it, to remember to say thank you for it, and to not take it for granted. There’s a new level of joy and enjoyment to be found when you mindfully experience and savor things in this way.

On the flipside, when you’re struggling, when life has thrown some difficult times your way, remember that every season ends and that there is no way to stop the changing of the seasons. So life will naturally move you through the darkness or barrenness of winter, and into the light and freshness of spring. Just make sure to keep moving one foot in front of the other. Keep that forward motion going so life can move you to the better.

And never forget that, just like the seasons, YOU are an unstoppable force of nature.

Remember to dig deep, and dig life!