SCORPIO September 2020:

The Universe is awaiting your next move Your dreams will show the way!

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Dreams and thoughts are magical; they help us connect with our inner alchemist, imbuing hope and possibilities into your life. Carry them with you always. The universe is awaiting your next move towards your dream. Remember that you move the chess pieces!

Feed your dreams and you’ll feed your opportunities; starve them and the inverse happens.

Be mindful of sensitive conversations; assume they can (and will) be heard or find their way back to the source.

Be direct and constructive in communication. Avoid testing someone—it’s more powerful to talk it over.

Go into conversations with a positive idea (e.g., “we can work it out”).

Get closure and avoid walking away angry or upset.

Prepare for meetings and conversations—do your research!

Take things seriously or pass on them altogether. It’s best to value your time and others.’

Always give 100% effort in what you’re doing; you never know how it will factor into your future plans.

Find a way to stand out from the crowd. Be authentic and persistent with your dreams and goals.

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