sharing your light

There is about to be an exponential jump in the number of souls who have felt the pang of awakening. Those of us already in that process can assist with this by sending out light into the collective. I’d like to offer up how I do this as an example that you can work with and adapt to make your own and adopt as a daily habit.

First, if you’ve never done any visualizations anchoring your own light, I recommend taking a look at the anchoring practice here first. Once you’re comfortable anchoring your own light, let’s take a look at how you can share it.

Once I’m anchored and have my personal pillar of light zooming along in that endless loop between Mother Gaia and the galactic sun of Source light, I imagine my heart center becoming as bright as it can be. If I’m somewhere where I won’t feel silly holding up my hands, I prefer to do this with my arms slightly outstretched and with my hands forming a triangle in front of me with my pointer fingers meeting to form the top of the triangle, and my thumbs meeting at the base. This makes a perfect way to focus that energy a little more as I send it out, but it’s not necessary if you’re either uncomfortable with that, or if you’re doing this visualization among people who would ask if you’ve lost your damn mind if they saw you do this. 😉

I picture the bright light from my heart center flowing through my arms and out my hands (picture it coming straight out of the front of your chest if you’re omitting the hand thing). As I do this, I say the words (out loud or to myself) “With all protections and permissions, I plant and nourish these seeds of love and awakening.

”Why have I chosen to include the bit about protections and permissions? I’m so glad you asked.

Protections: Anytime you’re doing energy or “light” work, it’s always a good idea to establish the parameters and boundaries of that energy and light. I make clear through my intention (spoken or merely thought) that this energy I’m sending out is a one-way connection, and that anyone connecting with it is only allowed to take the light and should not be returning any light or energy to me. I also always establish that this light is to be used for the greater good and that my highest good should always be a priority, too, and that giving of that light should never be in excess of what my current state and condition can handle without draining effects. I also intend protections for the receiver, just in case I’m sending out energy that day when I’m not in the best “place.” I don’t want any yecchh I’m experiencing in that moment to accidentally piggyback on what’s supposed to be a gift of love, and ruin someone’s day. 

Permissions: We all have free will, and it’s important that we don’t infringe on that, even when we think that what we’re offering to someone is of benefit. So I always leave it up to the higher self of the person who may receive the light I’m sending to act as the gatekeeper and either grant or deny permission to the light I’m offering. This is important to remember when we’re offering any type of light or energy or healing to others, even if it’s the unknown masses, as is the case in this exercise.

This is a practice I do at least once a day most days in an effort to help the collective consciousness to awaken and expand, and I hope it will be something that you find time for in your day, as well.