Sweet Potato Nacho Salad

I found this photo on IG and thought it was just so beautiful.

I believe our lives are meant to be lived in inherent beauty…

Of course, full disclosure, I am a Libra which means Venus is my ruling planet, and that’s definitely her motto!

Still, we could all use at least some beauty in our day, and food is so overlooked. So maybe give this a try, but if you do, take joy in each part of this, smell the produce in the store or at the farmer’s market.

I don’t care how dumb you feel.

Be connected, to what is nourishing your body, to the colors, to life.

And enjoy the hell out of this salad!

NACHOS SALAD – Sweet potato nachos with salsa!

  • Slice 2 sweet potatoes
  • add 1 tsp of oil then cook.
  • Top with whatever you love, but in the photo is leftover shredded chicken + black beans + avocado + jalapeƱos + tomatoes + onions.

That’s it.

Don’t forget the enjoy part.