Below are general articles on assorted spiritual practices. For a broader lens, personalized to your callings, consider checking out our Studios.

General SPirituality

Coyote No More: an astrology life lesson

I've studied my north node placement for years, but largely ignored my south node. Let me tell you, that's a ...
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The Coming Lunar Returns for the United States

My guides have been preparing me for next year for some time now, saying that 2020 was just meant to ...
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Daily Dig November 4 2020 Send LOVE

{{editor_navigation name="company"}}Send loveAnd we wait, as a people divided, yet simultaneously united in our concerns and uncertainty for where the ...
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Fine Tuning My Node Strategy

In astrology, your nodal placement represents your soul destiny and your past life baggage, and can give you your best ...
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Base Astrology

Below are articles dealing with the foundation of astrology as a concept. For deeper astrology check out our astrology page. For personalized astrology and horoscopes, check out our studios.

Spiritual Protections

Working with spiritual entities, for me, actually goes back to my days in Christianity. I was involved in a prayer ministry that focused on demons.

Jump forward more than twenty years to the point that nothing much flusters me, and now it’s just like, oh, you gotta go.

This section gives you very simple ways to protect your home, aura, person, and family, without overwhelming you.