Blessed New Day

A new day is upon us and I would like to say, even though the energy is very intense out there, and here in the States we have a lot of angry and scared people everywhere, I believe there is still magic in all of us.

I believe we have the power to make our experiences into something positive.

I believe this shift will test us to our core, especially if we haven’t been doing the emotional and spiritual work we’ve been called to since the 2012 shift, but…

Do not give up hope!

We are capable of magic and we will get through all this together.

Stay humble, work hard, and be kind.

Fortune favors the bold. – Samantha

Christening the Summer Cottage

We have had such a fun ride together since the 365 of 2016.

I can’t even believe it’s been that long.

We’ve gone through so much together, from new babies, to cancer, heartbreak, betrayal, and celebration, and I truly love all of you who’ve been here the whole way.

Back when I did the Disney 365, it was a milestone birthday and I couldn’t let myself let it be just an ordinary day. Of course, with my friend Donna’s passing, I felt the need to embrace life with as much joy as possible.

I don’t think I had any idea I was kicking off the best years of my life, with the best people I’d ever known.

For years, I knew the 2020 shift was bearing down on us all, I knew I had destiny that would change lives, protect people, save them even. It’s a heavy weight, the gift I have to hear the guides, but it’s also humbling and a great honor and I do try to respect it. So not long after the 365 ended, I drew into myself and my closest circle of friends, knowing we had to prepare for what lay ahead, the 2020 shift.

This year on my birthday of 2020, it was such a perfect time to come back to you. Because I spent my time preparing for this shift, I’m ready for it, and I want to walk it with you. I want to share anything I can that helps anyone else get through these next few years. I want to send out love, share laughter, encourage you all to find the joy, even in the dark, and to follow your dreams… even when they seem crazy.

There’s a lot in store, for the planet and for each of us personally.

Honestly, I’m supposed to be living in Punta Cana and married by the end of it, so that should be fun… not at all terrifying!

But I digress…

From The Summer Cottage begins.

Because I can see the castle from the apartment I share with Amy, I’ve always thought of our home as the summer cottage. A place the royals went to get away from the palace for a time. It’s a little dreamy, a little romantic, a little dramatic… So it seemed like the perfect name for a blog.

Most Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, I’ll write in here about what’s happening, with me personally and also the astrology and the shift and anything else fun going on. Every issue will include a blessing for the day, the latest story, and my 365 fitness journey.

Amy’s Daily Dig posts will be included here, as well, and some of those include links to deeper posts on spiritual concepts and living a faith-based life. She writes for the beginner in easy concepts and she’s very thorough!

There will be video somedays, my workout vlog, vlogs Amy and I want to do from SeaWorld, and sometimes I just feel called to sit in front of the camera and try to make people feel loved and inspired.

I’m basically putting the site each day into this one post. So, if I’m honest, From the Summer Cottage is the culmination of all my attempts at a magazine. The thing I’d been trying to create since 2016. I’m consolidating all my writings to this and a few Instagram posts, which you’ll also see on the Sam’s 365 Adventures page on FB.

Starting on October 5th, you’ll be able to read my new fiction, Trapped by the Mouse, in each issue of From the Summer Cottage. I’m also planning downloads for those of you who’ve joined me on Buy Me A Coffee. If you don’t know what that is, you can read about it here.

Two last mentions, though I am a very wordy person, I will try to keep these in check so you don’t feel as though I’ve sent you a book each day. However, there is content I want to include in this every day, and there also will be two or three random entries, so this won’t be short either. But each article should be of a reasonable length. One hopes.

Lastly, I am designing all of this to be phone friendly and keeping the posts as short as I can. Even the story will be broken up into bite size pieces. I know we’re on the go so much right now, and we’re on the phone so much, I didn’t want to design something that you’d have to wait to get home or to pull out a tablet to read. But of course you can do that, too. I’m just saying, I was looking out for the phone people and tried to make it easy to access, read, and view even on the phone.

That’s probably enough for now. Below, I’m sharing with you the first look at a new dream I’m following, so enjoy that. Have a supremely blessed day, and as always, thank you for being here. So much love to you. I’m excited about the adventure, and I hope you are, too.

Trapped by the Mouse

This fish is out of water and drowning in magic.

After finding her husband in bed with another woman, a New York socialite discovers Disney World is more than just a tourist trap.

This is where you can find the individual chapters of this story. I intend to keep a story going each month for free. Again, this is my year of giving back.

I intend, though, to send the full book to you all on Buy Me A Coffee in a download link. I’m hoping to have that set up by next week, but I use a paid service to create those downloads, so it may have to wait until some additional funds arrive around the middle of the month. After that, though, we’ll get you the full book at the beginning of each month.

It’s a really fun story about a woman in her 40s who’s waking up to the idea that there’s more to life than trying to be perfect and please your mother. She moves to Orlando, sort of accidentally. She a bit snobby in the beginning, doesn’t believe in true friendships or true love, and thinks Disney is for children.

I’m going to rock her entire world.

I love the idea of a long-term story where you follow these same characters through life. In this first book, since we’re in October, they’re all going to Mickey’s Not So Scary… yeah, it’s not 2020 in this book. lol

Anyway, I’m trying to have a lot of fun with it and I hope you all will fall in love with these latest characters and their escapades.

This gets started next week, and I’ll get those downloads together as quick as I can.

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A New Dream

This is a photo of Sanctuary Cap Cana.

It’s located in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

And we booked a reservation here for April!

It’s totally a guide thing, because despite it being “normal person” affordable, for this to actually come together for us, it’s totally faith and God.

The guides have told me for several years now that we will be moving out of the U.S. at some point. About a year ago, they told me Punta Cana. Last week they told me to book this trip, enjoy it, but also use it to meet with a realtor while we’re there.

So we’re planning a girl’s trip, me and Amy, of course, plus my sister, and Karen, Kim, and Miriel.

We’re arriving on April 4th,and departing somewhere between the 9th and 16th. There are two factors still hanging in the air that will decide the length of stay. Cost is the same because the type of room or suite is the variable. In this moment, though, I’m leaning heavily towards staying for the entire length.

I know not everyone would be able to make the trip that long, but that’s part of the reason I feel guides are saying stay longer. So we’ll have some time to do the real estate and some healing and spiritual work, but still have a dedicated girl’s fun and rest trip, too.

Anyone wanting to join in on this little adventure, you’re more than welcome, just know that for us, it’s totally guide dependent so it could shift quite a bit between now and then. Although, not the dates. Those I feel are solid.

You do need a passport to visit the DR.

You do not currently need a negative covid-19 test.

Sanctuary is an all-inclusive, adults only resort.

Now that the details are written… oh my god I want and need this so much!

I’m beside myself excited and have actually already had a vision of us there, so I feel super positive about the outcome. I just have to get my stuff done over these next 6 months!

I’ve joined a FB group for this resort and everyone is so positive about their experiences and have told me I have to have the passion fruit mojito!

I’m sharing this with you as part of the 365, because it’s vulnerable. We may not go in the end… but on faith, I will travel this path, and from love, I’ll share it with you. I want to get excited about this. I want to believe in it. In my mind, I’m there, April 4th 2021.

When I first moved to Florida, I stayed in a very fancy resort for about 4 months. Every morning, I woke up with such joy in my heart. I pushed back the curtains on the sliding glass door that went out to my balcony, and with giddiness I said Good Morning, Orlando!

It was this overflow of gratitude mixed with omg pinch me!

I’d been through the fires of hell, and God had delivered me into 5 star luxury in Orlando and a whole new life.

Now we’re coming off the 2019 tests that nearly took me out. I came far closer to it than I like to think about, but it’s true. I know what we went through was serious curing and inoculation against the worst of what’s to come in this shift and I’m grateful for that and I grow in strength every day, but I’m battle weary from it still.

I can see healing in these waters, and I cannot wait to get in them.

And all I can think about is the morning of April 5th when I wake up and say… Good Morning Punta Cana!!

I truly believe it cements a new chapter for me, and this year is all preparation for it.

I hope y’all can get excited with me. It’s going to be beyond belief incredible. I already know it.

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