Horoscopes are the general understanding of the energy as related to a person’s sun and/or rising sign. It is a great way to get your feet wet in the understanding of astrology, but it is the shallowest representation of astrology. Your personal astrology is far more complex than what a horoscope will reveal, but a horoscope can be a great quick check-in with the energy.

Taurus Sun and Rising Weekly Horoscope Sep 14 – 20 2020

This week for you Taurus is about re-evaluating your operating systems and dealing with trust issues.

We have a new moon in Virgo on the 17th that is making squares to the nodes. For you that means your 5th house (the spontaneous enjoyment of life) is squaring your 2nd (personal finances, material possessions, and the concept of value) and 8th (Sex, Death, and Taxes) houses. You have to re-evaluate what’s bringing you happiness, what day-to-day mechanics have you gotten caught up in, and where is your life in terms of alignment to what you truly value?

The dark moon is currently in Leo with the Sun trining Pluto: This is about your emotions. Add to that, Venus is also in Leo squaring Uranus in your sign. This is going to be a re-identification. It’s you realizing that emotionally the things you value aren’t part of the excitement, and asking yourself where you want to go in your life, making this a redirection of identity about what makes you happy.

I think a lot of Tauruses have fallen into a trap of investing in what you think brings you happiness, but doesn’t allow you to move forward. The astrology this week is going to be pushing on those areas.

Mars in retro in your 12th house for the next three months is bringing up a lot of happenings from 2010 through 2019. Any 12th house transit is a hard one, but this particular one can be triggering in a sort of PTSD way about things that didn’t work out in the past and thinking that things won’t work out now either.

That kind of thinking can lead to a paralysis or a lockdown, and answer why you may be investing in things that make you marginally happy but are’t moving you forward.

This transit is a make or break transit, but the new moon in your 5th house is bringing you courage and strength and confidence to break out of it. The other key is knowing the value of your heart. Tauruses have to leap into knowing that, okay things didn’t work out in the past, but I learned and now I can make this work for me, but only if you’re following what your heart values.

With this new moon, make sure to set your intentions and include some that will propel you forward, will change up some of the status quo in your life and take you in a new direction. It doesn’t have to be a hugely bold new direction, just a shift away from the dead end you’re on now.

Mercury in Libra in your 6th house is trying to figure out a lot about your day-to-day life anyway, and is in square this week with Jupiter and Pluto, bringing the realization that the reality you want is in deep conflict with the beliefs that you have invested in. So you’re ready to open up, but you’re still in conflict because opening up will change your reality and you’re still not sure that’s allowed.

This week is about getting over fears of the last decade, but the trine to Saturn says that you have to look at your beliefs, your conditioning, family stuff, and throw out what isn’t serving your greater good.

What you need to figure out is where you have bound your happiness in unhealthy ways. This weekend the Moon is in Scorpio (your relationship house), pushing you to realize the relationships you’re around, that you chose, either bring you the happiness you want or not.

There’s a lot opening up for you with Jupiter now direct, but you need to look at the day-to-day routines you’ve gotten into, the lifestyle you’ve chosen. It all needs a rebalancing, and with that, letting go of things that are no longer servicing your journey.

I hope this is a blessed week ahead. I’m sending you love, the wisdom to see the areas you need shifted, and the courage to do it!

Namaste, many blessings – Samantha