~ Card of the day ~

Mystical Shamen deck by Colette Baron-Reid

~ The Hunter~


Before the dawn of agriculture, we hunted in the forests to feed our kin. The Hunter never takes more than what the village needs to survive, often taking only one creature—the “good kill.” He is a master tracker who knows which path to follow to find success.

The Invitation

We are truly in a new world now, and that which came before us, won’t serve us anymore. At the heart of the 2020 shift, life, God, destiny, is trying to see who can shake off the clay and become their truest form. Not the best imitation of what already was.

In my experience, we can not follow the maps drawn by others any longer

We are here now to become the mapmaker. We must find our internal compass, and use all our senses to be in perfect alignment with our authenticity, which is God himself.

We need to follow the tracks left by Spirit to claim our bounty, which is already prepared and being offered to us.

When you think of a skilled hunter of old, he was out there, his senses honed, he knew what he was looking for, smelling, feeling in the air, and because of that, he brought home the bounty for those depending on him.

In 2020, so many of us now are being called to be the hunter for our tribes.

We may not be getting physical meat for those around us, but the spiritual food we bring, the emotional support and validation, just by being our own truest version of ourselves, that’s what’s needed most of all for this shift.

Go and do, but most of all, be.

Angel Number 27 is a message to believe in yourself, your intuitive messages and your inner-promptings. You have been receiving messages about your Divine life purpose, and your angels encourage you to follow the guidance and directions accordingly. Trust that your angels support you in your spiritual endeavours.