The Shift: An Update

Good morning, beautiful people. πŸ’–

I stay quiet a lot these days, mostly because we are in something we’ve never seen before, and what I know, what I have to say, it makes no sense because most can’t filter what they haven’t already lived. We want answers that make sense. We want answers that feel comfortable, and that wouldn’t be truth right now.

I even struggle with this myself. My guides are always challenging me to open my mind more, to see things possible that everything I know says are impossible. Isn’t that the best definition of 2020? The impossible is possible.

Of course, as I’ve said all along, I don’t want to cause anyone distress, and I can’t settle in my own mind whether putting the info out there is helping or hurting. I’m still trying to find my footing there.

That being said…

We are still in the shift, will be until at least 2024, but I still see the worst of it ending by late 2022, and us reaching that golden age by 2026. We aren’t going back, we can’t go back. We have to keep moving forward into this new world.

Everything is still on track with all the things I’ve seen, and so far, we aren’t on the darkest path, so that’s good. There’s still a big shock/wild turn coming in the presidential stuff. I was hoping it would happen before the election. Sadly, it is still out there.

I would like to say here, though, that both these men are divinely appointed to play their parts in this shift.

People sometimes confuse me with a Trump supporter because I say he’s divinely appointed. I assure you, I am not. He’s awful! But they’re ALL awful!

The fact that they couldn’t come to an agreement on Covid aid is a shining example of how broken it all is. The people in charge had food, took time off, slept every night without worry of eviction, or the virus itself quite frankly, arguing over petty language and a dollar amount. It was a power play and the people of this country suffered for it. Are still suffering for it. We all suffer every day for their game and I do believe that part of this reset is finding a new way in government.

I find the story of Jesus greatly saddening and comforting during all this. Jesus has always been one of my guides, so maybe it’s just that I get that deeper insight, but he came to this planet with one purpose, to be crucified.

In that act he would create something so powerful that it is still active to this day. Without Judas, that wouldn’t have been possible. Therefore, yes, someone had to be Jesus, but someone also had to be Judas. It sucks, but it’s true.

Trump’s astrological chart is unlike anything I have ever seen. The man was destined to be equally loved and hated, and he is destined to be our destroyer. He was born at the exact moment of an eclipse, that is a portal opening. Be he angel, alien, or something we’ve got no clue of, he arrived in providence. He is not a bad human. He is a spiritual being playing a part in one of the greatest moments of this planet.

*Great because of how it ends, not for how it is now… just to be clear.

However, I would like to put it like this, this planet WILL shift. and God’s plan is harsh, it’s dark, it’s ugly… that’s not God’s fault, have you seen humanity?

Doing this shift in accordance with the divine plan will be like the difference between having a surgeon break and reset a bone, and your drunk friend Bubba doing it.

Either way, the bone needs broken and reset.

If you can, try to view all of this from above and send love, to both men, their camps, and their supporters. This country is evenly split down the middle so no matter what side you feel impassioned about, there’s no majority here. We have to find middle ground, love, understanding with the other side. We’re all in the same storm here, and if you have it in you to send love, please do. It’s needed.

I honestly think one or both of them are going to die, and I’m not sure either becomes president, regardless. So try not to get too wrapped up in the outcome of all this. It’s facade, like the virus was. It’s here to push the shift, but none of it is truly real, if that makes sense.

Speaking of the virus, guides have told me that the virus is done, meaning that it has seeded everything it was meant to, now it simply has to burn itself out.

Sadly, that will take time, and we will be seeing the effects for years still, so please continue to take care of yourselves and be smart.

Also, the political portion finished on election night. It seeded everything it was meant to and it to has to just burn itself out.

Again, note I said seeded in both these things. We’re still to see the blossom and the harvest.

The financial stuff is also well underway, but that isn’t finished seeding yet. I’m still keeping my eye on AMC, because they seem to be some sort of lynch pin.

Of course, all that being said, that just means that what we’re in now is the war portion seeding itself, and that lasts through January as far as I know as of now.

Important dates are Dec 8, 14, 17-20. In the astrology, we have eclipse season coming, Mars is going direct, and in December, the great conjunction happens on the 21st. I do think this Christmas season will be especially beautiful if we let it, because we’re all going to need to remember that beauty more than ever.

I’m concerned about January 8th, though, as transiting Pluto conjoins the US Moon. This has been the big one out there staring us down for the past few years, and it’s finally just about here. I’d say after the Pluto Saturn conjunction back in January that kicked all this off, this is the other alignment poised to make the biggest shift for those of us here in the states.

This energy will have been felt, and building up, for a couple months already by this point, and our country will be in total freak-out panic hysteria mode when this aspect hits. I know we think it’s bad now, but it’s still brewing. This is why I’m encouraging you all to find your zen. Be a beacon of light and hope in all this. Be a portal of love.

I’m writing this is to remind us all that, even though we are on a long road and there will be every reason to lose ourselves to hopelessness, anger, anxiety, fear and the like, there is beauty everywhere. Don’t stress over what’s happening, because none of it’s real anyway. During all this we have to find ways to rise above the projections and find the peace that’s here.
It’s like getting into the mountains above the smog.

Whatever does that for you, I strongly encourage you to make that a regular activity and priority in your life. Focus on love, art, music, crafting, salt baths, reading, whatever takes you out of the energy of this madness. For me, my guides have me playing the Sims. Silly, yes, but it works. So whatever it is that works for you, please indulge yourself. Because we have two roads here, and if we get sucked down on to the lower road, we will only see the pain and suffering and become that.

Same goes for the upper road, it will be filled with love and beauty and we will become that.

Even as the planet shifts, we all are shifting, as well. We are becoming different people. We are being forced to choose everyday who we’ll be. I guarantee you, the right choice is to choose love, but don’t be surprised if you get persecuted for that choice. It’s sort of just the way of it right now.

Yes, we still have a long way to go, and yes, it gets uglier than this, BUT this is the divine moving, and he does so with great care and great love. Our faith is what will see us through as we rise from this darkness… and we DO rise.

Sending love, comfort, and peace. Be well and be blessed, today and always.


Romantic and magical, Samantha lives with deep faith in the shadow of Magic Kingdom and believes destiny can never be outrun. πŸ’œβ™ΎπŸ•‰ -11 11- πŸ•‰β™ΎπŸ’œ

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