This is to alert everyone that there is some breathing space coming by March and I think we all could use it!

As you may already know, we sadly ended up on the darkest path. I’ve been shown that was primarily due to the split in the spiritual community. If we all could have just gotten on the same page… but isn’t that always the dilemma? People are unique and passionate and fervent in their beliefs. Which is a beautiful thing… until we all need to band together.

So here we are.

The dates and aspects of the shift don’t change, it’s more the depth of darkness we’re open to now expands. But I choose always to hold hope and light and to find things to laugh about every day, because that’s important!

From March to June there will be a honeymoon phase. The US government will be looking to lull people back to sleep by throwing a lot of money at us. Take it, just don’t think that means everything is fine now, because it’s far from fine and I don’t want you caught unawares to that.

Covid numbers will start flatlining and then decreasing. Which is wonderful, but I’m still getting from my guides that the vaccine isn’t safe on the whole. So please make your decision there with prayer and meditation, not from old belief patterns. Whatever you choose is your path, but just don’t choose lightly is all I’m saying.

From March through May, enjoy life. Get outside, be with people you love. I still don’t recommend International travel until the south node leaves Sagittarius, Jan 19, 2022. After that, International travel should clear.

I personally have a trip to Paris planned for April of that year and cannot wait! Punta Cana, though, is very up in the air because of the new negative Covid test requirement to get back into the US.

Of course, as one of my friends put it last night, “So we can go but we just can’t come back? I don’t see a problem here.”

That aside, if that requirement changes again, and by April it’s likely to, the trip may be back on. We’re holding the dates loosely for the time being and not canceling the reservartion.

But I’m way off topic now!

I’ve been spending a lot of time with Yeshua (Jesus), of late. That the world is shifting. He said to me every world leader is being pushed and challenged and many are stepping down from pressure. Some of that’s good, some of it’s not.

He’s said to me, for the States, where Donald Trump was the “destroyer”, Kamala Harris is the “punisher”. Where Donald Trump was sent from light (I know, but again – someone had to be Judas and I don’t like him either!) meaning he destroyed with a skilled hand, Kamala has been sent from dark, here to punish the poor, the weak, the infirm.

Honestly, she is our darkest path, but then we do need balance in this world, light or dark cannot exist without the other so, as always, I’m trying to be positive. I’ve really learned not to take personalities personally. We’re all here with missions, and even those we deem dark or “bad”, all serve the same God, the same overall purpose. I trust God, his plans, and this crazy intricate puzzle of life we’ve wandered into.

Of course, I was hoping Biden would pick anyone else but Kamala, because I know how likely it is that he dies in office or is forced to step down. Everyone will be so thrilled for our first woman president and she’s a black woman and it will be celebrated around the world. Sadly, as I hope you’ve been able to see this past year, what’s on the surface is rarely true, and Kamala ushers in the darkest chapter in American history.

Now Yeshua says part of the problem with Trump out of the power seat, is things can go back to being hidden from us and she’s going to be “boiling the frog”. So we won’t see it coming until it’s too late. What happened after 9-11 is the only real reference we have for what’s coming. We are about to lose freedoms. We are about to be censored like never before. There is a division in this country growing so great, and neither side is all right or wrong.

Part of the issue here is that we are in the energies (astrological alighnments) of the Salem Witch trials all over again and can you see it? Of course there are actions we can deem wrong, but those are few (and I mean few of the whole, not few in and of themselves) people acting abhorrently is giving the other side permission to run their witch hunt, and we know from history that’s not okay, it doesn’t end well, and innocent people lose their lives.

What we cannot forget is that HALF the country voted for one guy, HALF voted for the other. We are a country divided in half. There is no majority here.

And I would discourage you from thinking the divide is between Nazis and decent people, because I assure you, it is not that black and white.

Thinking like that is a huge part of the problem. We are discounting people for their beliefs and viewpoints and lumping them in with people that most everyone on the planet would agree are wrong. That isn’t fair and it’s hurting good people. Above all else, try to always remember to be kind. These people we see through the media, we don’t know them. We can condemn their actions, but we are not meant to condemn them as human beings. That is a trap set by the dark.

Continuing on, by the end of January into February, we should start to see real buckling in the financial areas of life. Of course, as my guides said to me last night, “You all don’t have large sums of money to protect, this won’t affect you that deeply, just stay focused on your mission and stay fluid with currency. “

They have told us it is good to have cash on hand for the foreseeable future, though. So I’m passing that along. They also said that in this three months, the government will be throwing around so much money, and Covid numbers will be decreasing, it should keep things like the stock market in check.

All in all, enjoy the spring. Enjoy it until it has no ounce of enjoyment left!

Then be ready to batten down the hatches again by June.

We still have about 6 weeks of yuck to push through, but then seriously, enjoy the break!


Romantic and magical, Samantha lives with deep faith in the shadow of Magic Kingdom and believes destiny can never be outrun. πŸ’œβ™ΎπŸ•‰ -11 11- πŸ•‰β™ΎπŸ’œ

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